*My UFC thoughts*

my thoughts

franklin showed has does have an awesome ground game escaping lutters sub attempts and maintaining good position throughout.

starnes backpaddeled his ass right outta the UFC, keep him out for good, a showing like that is pathetic. dont need to see him in the ufc again. quarry tried his best to put away starnes and props to the canadians for letting starnes know his antics were not appreciated.

lutter's lack of cardio is also pathetic, a ufc caliber fighter with a 4 minute gas tank is sad. lutters blatant cheating by trying to weight 20lbs more than rich shows his character. obviously weight cutting is a part of the ufc but lutter has been known to not even make weight for fights. dont need to see lutter in the UFC again.

gsp's domination of serra was clear, even though the fight i thought was stopped a bit early especially with 20 seconds left in the round.

McCarthy's lack of offense and taunting did not show him in a good light, although he did block 95% of bispings attacks most of the fight. you cant win a fight by standing and blocking shots though. dont need to see captain miserable in the UFC again.

danzig showed he belongs in the ranks of the LW division, although he has alot more fights in a stacked division to get into the higher rankings.

biggest thing was the goddam fluff material tonight. the 20 minute preshow into the main event, and the minutes after the fight to re-iterate what happened, and then showing the introductions for goulet and hironaka. that is not needed just show the announcement by buffer and cut at least 5 minutes off by doing that and be able to show another prelim. with the rate upped to 45 bucks people wanna get more bang for their buck, UFC cut out some bullshit and show more prelims dammit.

I wanted to see the Miai fight so bad, and I had to watch those stupid repeats for the main event that I already bought. They need to cut out that crap and show all the fights.


Please do not down-play the brilliant standup shown by Nate.  Low Kicks and body shots win fights..he put on a clinic, albeit not entertaining to the masses, it still showed that Nate is back and better than ever.

i agree that he will never be champ as long as silva has the belt but to go against a BJJ black belt and supposed wizard on the ground rich did dam good maintaining good position. i wasnt even referring rich rolling out of the armbar.

many props to nate, coming off that major back surgery and putting on 2 impressive fights is awesome. i dont remember seeing a UFC fight where that many leg kicks were thrown. wish he could have KTFO kalib but even still he looked great.

How did the heavyweight newcomer Cain do?

2:10 of the first via KO tko strikes. they could have shown that fight easliy if they had cut some filler crap.

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