My UFC thoughts!!! :)

I will make it short and sweet...

These are all my OPINIONS, but can be taken as fact! ;) lol

First, a HUGE congrats to Tim Sylvia! He did great tonight. I am happy to see the underdog win! However, two days ago, Arlovski was going to KILL Tim and was unbeatable, now everyone is jumping off his bandwagon. Why is that? He lost. Big deal. He is still a great fighter. He doesn't suck because Tim beat him. Some of you are eating crow tonight for talking a ton of crap (no pun intended) about Tim, and deserve it!

Second, Forest got screwed! That decision was a TRAVESTY! For the rest of my life, I will always view that as a win for Forest! When Forest goes back and watches that fight, as classy as he is, even he will be pissed that he got screwed! :(

Third, Pe De Pano won, IMO! Seriously, one judge gave it to Monson 30-27! WTF? Monson did show class afterwards, but I still don't agree with the decision. As for him beating Tim...good luck! ;) Tim will have about an 11 inch height advantage, and punches MUCH harder and more accurate than Pe De Pano. I personally think it would be an interesting matchup though.

Fourth, I am glad to see Diaz lose! Good job Sherk! Sherk is going to be a monster at 155! He is very quick and explosive!

Fifth, it was funny/cool to see Mike Cies trying to duck under the flag when they were introducing Tim! lol

Sixth, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see more of Justin Levens skill, as I had heard a lot about him. Oh well. Good job to Tanner though, on applying my favorite submission! :)

Seventh, nice win for Karo, but I was kind of rooting for Nick. Oh well, hopefully Nick will be back. Karo looked tough, and I have a feeling will be back in the hunt for the title very soon. IMO, he needs to work a lot more on his standup, and he will have a much more realistic shot.

Finally, a good UFC overall, but I am really looking forward to the next one! My heart is torn. Matt-who is on Team MFS, and actually shared the same hotel room with me for my one and only pro fight? Or, Royce-who brought me into this sport 13 years ago, and have idolized since then? Flip a coin, I guess... lol

I guess OSWFighter's sources weren't too accurate.

Most seem to think Tito and Monson def. won.

"Ok so getting lucky is "greatness" now? gimme a break! Tim is a fucking stooge."

You are seriously a dork! Your post is not even worth commenting on! Why did I do it then? :(

"I'm "Sylvia's Shart" for the next two weeks you heartless bastard!!!!"

It should be four, if you were any type of "real" man! ;)

"I guess OSWFighter's sources weren't too accurate."

True, but I won't make a big deal over that comment, because even if Tim lost, his "sources" were still wrong! ;) lol

"Most seem to think Tito and Monson def. won."

The 10 people or so, that I was watching it with, all seemed to agree with me, and it seems that your view of "most" on the UG is not accurate. From what I have seen so far, it looks like 70-30 agree with me. Keep in mind, that is just the way that it appears right now. At the worst, I am thinking it is 50-50...


i think cruz won.

tito won... Rnd 1 = 10-8 rnd 2 went to forrest and tito won round 3.


Ron, BFH from Serras. How did you like Mike C under the flag!!!!

I called him immediately when I saw him walking to the ring, you could tell on his face that he knew his phone was ringing so he couldn't reach into his pocket.

I talked to him last week and he told me Pat was sending him to the corner for Tim.

He was so excited, I was leaving a message as he was under the flag.
Did I ever tell you the story of how I ran behind Tim and Ben and Mike when cops chased us in Atlantic City? The night Ben cut his hand on the fire extinguisher?


Your opinions aren't very good as, PDP decision was very accurate and Forrest admits he lost the fight. Seriously shut up.

"Ok so getting lucky is "greatness" now?"

Sylvia seems to get 'lucky' an aweful lot.

"Ok so getting lucky is "greatness" now?"

"Sylvia seems to get lucky an aweful lot. "

Sylvia is 23-2... I don't see how people can't give this guy credit.

I think you and I are on the same page Brigham

Nice call on all those Ron.  And yes i am the one that Ray Jackson lost the bet to and will take credit for his new name "Sylvia's Shart"

"Seriously shut up."

LMAO! You tell me to shut up, and then post again on my thread! What a moron! lol

"tito won... Rnd 1 = 10-8 rnd 2 went to forrest and tito won round 3. 29-27"

First of all, he did NOT win rd 1 10-8! Second, he LOST rd 3! Forest got fucked, and I know Tito will beat Ken, but Tito should be ashamed to accept the win over Forest! He was freaking sitting on the fence at pointing at Forest, as if to say "he won". Seriously, I have never been more upset with a bs decision in my life! The thing is, I really didn't care who won this fight, and I thought Tito was going to win it, but the fact is...FOREST WON! I don't care what some paid off judges say!

"He was so excited, I was leaving a message as he was under the flag. Did I ever tell you the story of how I ran behind Tim and Ben and Mike when cops chased us in Atlantic City? The night Ben cut his hand on the fire extinguisher?"

Hahahaha! That was a wild night! I was scared to death we were going to get shot by some gangbangers! Then when we got home, it just got worse, and freaking Rothwell spraying Tim with the fire extinguisher! Anyway, weren't you sleeping in your dress shoes that night? Let's hear the story bro! lol

"Even the naked Easter egg hunt this morning couldn't cheer me up."

LMAO! We don't want war! We want peace bro! ;) Cheer up, and come out to Iowa to visit!

"Griffin won that fight...b.s. desc. Nice job Tim, i was pulling for him but didn't think he could take Arvloski out."

I agree! I wasn't too sure that Tim was going to pull this one off, but he surprised me, and impressed me by standing up after the punch from AA.

Fathead D...good job, but that isn't going to bring us closer to our goal of "peace" with RJ. Although, you should have made it FOUR weeks! ;)


Yes, you were there but I thought we split when I was running behind Tim! Ben was out of his mind and I did end up going to sleep at 7am in my dress shoes, you were zonked out, but Mike was running around in his Tapout Silver/black shorts eating pringles!

When are we gonna hang to create havoc again?
I need to head out to the homeland


Forest won the fight, but not by much. The first rd was obviously Tito's, the second was obviously Forest's. The third rd was a close one, but i have to give it to Forest for good sprawling and aggression, even though he never seriously hurt Tito.

Guys i was honored to be in Tim's corner w/ Hughes and Miletich and Monte...all guys i greatly admire and look up to in the fight game.

Yes i did look under the flag..i was trying to intimidate AA :) And yes i did cut tim's mohawk in his hair :)

Being in that crowd was UNREAL...the adrenaline and electricity was SICK...i almost threw up a few times.

Tim is the F'n man...lucky, outclassed, etc...F that bullshit..he trains his ass off..he is a Maine-iac and he landed a punch to AA that he practices and it put AA on his face, bottom such thing as a lucky punch in this case.

Early stoppage you say???? F That too, i was right there, AA was ROCKED and wasn't going anywhere. Tim earned it all again just like when he fought Ricco and everyone thought he was gonna get smashed and i was honored to be a part of his camp.



I did think Forrest won that fight. The electricity in that fight was unreal too.


"For the rest of your life you will be incorrect and have no clue how to judge a fight."

LMAO @ your feelings being hurt, because your boy lost! Please leave this thread, as your love for Tito has clouded your thinking! Besides, I have never really liked you anyway! ;)

Forrest won it is to bad he got screwed. :(