my under 210 picks for korea

What's up guys??????? First I want to say thanks for everyone who sent me their info. Again this is not for sure who's gonna be picked. This is the list of my first choices for the under 210 brackets. I'm meeting the money man this week and if I get my choice these will be the fighters:
1. Chris Haseman
2. Jeff Newton
3. Antony Rea
4. Dennis Kang
5. Edwin Aguilar
6. Tom Sauer
7. Jason Brilz
8. Jason St.Louis

I will have my choices for above 210 bracket up in the next day or two. I'm really happy with my picks for the under 210. I have 8 fighters from 5 different countries. I want this to truley be a international event. Also the order of the names has nothing to do with who I picked first or who will be fighting who. Lastly I want to thank my manger Monte Cox for helping me understand what will make a great card. If all goes well I'll be contacting all the fighters very soon. I will post the results after I have spoken to everyone.



isnt Edwin like 180?

Yeah, and I believe St-Louis fights at 170, and Kang fights at 185. I assume these guys will face opponents of similar size.

Haseman & Rea are cool choices.

Too bad Jason MacDonald wasn't chosen, he would've been a good one.

When I fought him in Sept. he weighed in at 190 and it was for the 185 belt. I talked to his manger and he wants to fight in this bracket. I guess he gets to eat whatever he wants and doesn't have to worry about cutting.

I also talked to dennis and he told me he's walking around at 205. All these guys have been around the block and know what it's all about. I don't think that are really worried about 5 pounds here or there.

you fought who in Sept?

Edwin aguilar in a muay thai fight.

oh, I was supposed to fight him in an event in Mexico and I was injured and had to pull out

he ended up KOing the guy in the first round with a head kick. I was pretty happy that wasnt me.

Props to Dennis Kang, representing Vancouver, Canada.

Jason Mcdonald is a bad ass, great grappler.

Bill Mahood would have also been a great choice.

Kang is a bad ass btw, he should do very well.

To the top for Antony Rea!

Edwin Aguilar(Mex) will probably not go up to much in weight as he is always very ripped. He is a VERY good and exciting fighter(Striker).

His only losses are against Brian Ebersole, when Edwin BARELY made 180 and Brian(Cool guy) was over 200. Later he fought against Homer Moore (220lbs), Edwin was againd weighing 180 and gave Homer a good fight. Both fights took place in Combate Libre Mexico in Juarez.

All I can say Amir, is I heard he fought you and heard it was a great fight. Im glad you are trying to get him in. Hopefully the event will do good and get some good exposure which I believe is all Edwin needs to get more fights, in all the fights I have seen him he has ALWAYS been the main attraction even though he is not always in the main event.

TTT for Mexico´s Edwin Aguilar

I like Brilz and Sauer for this division.

I take Brilz to win it all.

Amir I really need that copy of your fight with Edwin... he might be on K1 card against Cung Le...

Tommy Trauma might just be able to clinch this one.


Amir, I'm walking around at 226lbs. and I'm in fighting shape so please listen to all these people on here and consider me for the over 210lbs. division. I tried to fax you my picture and profile but the number was not a fax. If it is not too late I can still e-mail/fax you the stuff.

Thanks Jason

You forgot- DON FRYE,BRYAN PARDOE, and Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch click on to see pictures.

Yeah I agree, you are missing out by not taking Jason MacDonald. He is one of the top guys in Canada and he is ranked as one of the top 10 prospects in the world ( Sounds like he wants to fight in the 210 and over division, he might still have a chance!!

Jason MacDonald is a fighter you want on your card. You should give him a shot!!!