My views on the Pope's 25th

I have surprised even myself, and have many good things to say about the Catholic Church and the pope. Because of my condition (I'm essentially bed-ridden for the next month or so before I get into the hospital for surgery) I get to read LOTS, and I decided to read some of the Pope's religious writings.

Interestingly enough, I found a man who was filled with compassion and mercy for all people, yet also has a deep knowledge and respect of tradition and history. The pope has come to understand the hardships of a great many in the modern world, and has taken the energy to work towards resolving some of those hardships.

I am of great disagreeance with the pope over his views on contraception and abortion, yet his total faith in ancient church doctine is impressive, as is his willingness to stand up for those views which are unpopular in the face of modern western ideals.

Had I believed in the christian g*d and all, I'd have transfered myself to a pontifical college to study the preisthood.

But, sadly for the dwindling number of priests, I don't.

I'm glad you are able to appreciate this Pope, Ganesha. I suspect soon after he has passed away, Catholics will start referring to him as John Paul the Great (literally).

I was pleasantly surprised by your post...I was expecting something different. I hope your surgery goes well...

I am somewhat disappointed that he will beatify Mother Thersa already and break canonical law, but he has done some truely amazing things.

I don't know how well my surgery will go, but I really wish I didn't have to go through with the damned thing.

Good luck, that's tough stuff to deal with.

Thanks Ganesha. As a Catholic who tries to see the good in other religions and other religious leaders, it's nice to see the Holy Father get some acknowledgments from outside the Church.

By the way, I agree that Mother Teresa's beatification is moving too quickly, but I've learned to trust the wisdom of this Pope.

Kolbe, Comedian, Helwig, how do you guys feel about that?

Well, she was an exceptional person, so I am OK with JPII making an exception for her.