My volume control is gone!

I ran some spy-ware program one time, and it deleted my volume control. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get it back.

I've refreshed my OS (Windows ME, (yes, I know it blows)). I've also updated my soundcard drivers in addition to disabling the soundcard in the device manager, and letting windows reinstal it.

I've also attempted to go to Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia > audio tab....where you can set it up so the volume control is checked, but that particular check-box doesn't exist on my system. I suspect that it's because I'm using Explorer 5.5. For another funky reason, I cannot upgrade to IE 6. I've tried this even after a complete reinstal of the OS.

Any help with either of these problems is definately appreciated. Thanks

Before diving too deeply... do you hear sound at all? Is your sound card working?

If so, if you go to Sounds and Mulitmedia in the Control Panel, is the little "Show volume control in the taskbar" checkbox selected?

Yup, sound is fine, but I have to use a 3rd party volume control.

If you can't adjust the volumn in control panel... I don't know what else to tell you ... must be something is that application.

try start > run > "sndvol32"

control panel, sound devices and recheck the sound in task bar tab

Thanks Jerkie

np man, did u get it back

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