My Walmart Sh*tcanned UFC DVDs

I was at Walmart after Saucylv posted about the DVDs. I indeed found some. I got UFC 48, and U-Ko's 1-2 on the same disc. Both were $9.44.

I was happy to see them in there for so cheap. I asked a chick for some help. I wanted to see if there were anymore. So said they origianlly had 3 of them. I looked everywhere for the last one, but found nothing.

So I aked another guy to see if he knew where they were. He pulled up their website and it 48 and "Hits 1, & 2. I told him nevermind, the site is different than the actual store.

I went back a week ago to buy my brother Ko's 1/2 for Christmas. Where they were, was something else. I asked the guy where they moved them. He replied, "Uh...our vender got rid of them...." I was like WTF!? I said, "You need more of them(UFC dvds)!, not get rid of them. Who the hell is in charge of this?". The guy says, "They're kinda brutal arent they?......Uh...I guess thats not the kind of stuff they want here..." I hear this kind of shit all the time. So being the MMA fan I have been for the last 10 years, I had to educate another un-knowing person.
I was like, "Look freind, this is an actuall sport. Whats more 'brutal', a guy getting hit on the button and fights over, or a boxer that take 100's of punches in less than an hour? Which do you think causes more brain trauma? UFC fighters are well trained and if they get in any trouble they can quit at anytime, or the Ref stops it using his discretion....ect...ect..." I wasnt ranting or anything, I was really polite and guy took some sort of interest. I could tell by his eyes and questions he asked.

I told him that I would buy EVERY UFC dvd they can get in there. I also told him I was bummed that they dropped the ball. I dont know why I care so much, but this is crap. I dont have any other stores where I live. We got Walmart, K-mart, and oh yes...PAMIDA!!! Its weird to buy MMA in a store for me. I have always relied on the internet for MMA shopping.

Im going to drive 40 miles today and check their walmart. lol

Dana if I get their phone number, can you call and bitch them out for me? lol

if one dropped them, they probably all have. i'll check mine next time i'm out that way

This is an OUTRAGE!


Walmart is known for that type of shit. They wont sell Dixie Chicks, Marilyn Manson, all of their music is edited where I live. They also wont carry and violent games and some movies. They fucking suck and thats why I wont shop there. Would wrather spend five more dollars to avoid the white trash festival freakshow that is Walmart.

My Wal-Mart has never had UFC DVDs. Wal-Mart is hard to understand, they drop the things people would actually buy, or refuse to sell music with explicit words, but they are more than happy to sell movies called "Carlito's Angels" or other soft porn type movies. It is a double standard.

I've seen KOTC in the bargain bin. They only have some of the eariler KOTC events, like 1/2 and 3/4 on one disc. Something like that. is still selling UFC DVD's online. I heard that Target started to stock new UFC DVD's now.

LOL at Golden Boy. That's cold, man.

Wal Mart is a horrible company. They go into a town, put the local stores out of business, then depart if the profit margin isn't high enough and leave it a ghost town.



Thanks TheCrazyLatinNYC. Although I'm still don't think we know for sure what's going on.

TSLeeMMAPerc: Can you post a link because I can't find them anywhere on the WalMart website.

Couldnt agree more with HAckett.

Fuck Wal-MArt and all those big stores.

LOL at "White Trash Festival Freak Show'!!!WEll put, but where I live, its the immigrants and the welfare recipients that go there. Not many white trashies. I guess if you were in the country side it would be different.

We have no control over movies. Our vendor Anderson makes all decision to pull movies. They pull movies based on actual sales of the DVD. The movies rotate in and out due to lack of dvd space. There will be more UFC DVDs at Wal-Mart. And it's the vendor of your store who pulls the DVDs as my store still has UFC 48 and KO 1/2. But of course it's cause i told the vendor i'd knock him out if he pulled them.

Later, Brad

takeshi miike: If you don't go to WalMart, where do you spank your kids?

They dropped the UFC video's here in Mississippi at my walmart as well.

I buy from Sherdog. They have a great selection. It comes right to your door.

same thing happened to me. I went to my Walmart and no one in the store had a clue and I could not find them?

I asked a supervisor and he crabs a wwf dvd and I tell him this is fake I want the real thing and he said he would look into it and took my number and of course never called

Fuck Walmart!

I asked Wal-Mart to order something once and they never did but said they would. Liars.

Andrew you got mail!