My WEC fight/ Brock Larson

Just wanted to congratulate Brock Larson on his win over me in the WEC last sunday. I'm obviously dissapointed in my performance and really think it would have been a good fight for the fans if he did't hit me so hard with his first punch...he's very inconsiderate. Brock is a monster, and he deserves all the success he has. This fight made me think a lot and it may be hard to believe, but i learned alot in 30 seconds of getting worked. I am going to be training harder than ever and come back better than i've ever been.

I also wanted to thank the WEC for giving me this opportunity. The show is awsome and continually getting better. It's great to be part of it. I feel like I let a lot of people, including myself, down but next time it will be very different. Thanks, peace.

Kevin Knabjian

KNabs, props for taking that fight bro on such short notice.

Let me know when your going to be around the southside bro!

Good luck with your training.

Great post to.


I agree with jaydub.

He's a beast, no shame in losing to him. Good luck in your future fights.

Brock Larson and Brock Lesnar are two diff people noob.

great post. very classy.

that was a mean left hand and truely inconsiderate, keep your head up and come back

Good post, I wish you the best in your future.