MY weekend

well it's 10:06 sarturday night and I just got back from T.O been wrestling all weekend at 83kg and 189.2 lb. Did pretty good took third at 83 and 4 at 189.2 wrestler good got tooled one match but gave it my all.

What i learned from the experience was A. cardio cardio cardio and B. fighting at 155 i should do just fine. Oh and C don't fuck with a russian who cuts down to 189.2 cause he will and i repeat he will toss your ass left and right :)

The Shark,off to bed.

for more info on ontario junior,juvenille wrestling visit

ttt glad u had a good time wrestling man

it was fun but now it;s time for mma :) can't wait for the jan 20

Somebody is in for a hurting come Jan. 20th

Wish I could be there bro

can't wait to see u tear it up JM

How much did you weigh when you had your match with the russia???

funny story, when i left i check my scale and it was saying 175-177, witch i never weight so we get there and my cat full of muscle head. So when i got home after i look at my scale and 1 it not calabrated and two it sitting on and angle. So i moved the scale fix it and check my weight again 167.

It was a good experience thought. The russian was cool shit. He was doing greco for 6 years in russia so i kinda was playing into his game plan. Strong mother fucker too.