My wife and dog left me

Right now I am a country song....Seriously the wife left me and it's because she can't take a little argument and i called her selfish.

This all stemmed from an argument that I tried having with her last night. This woman and the english bulldog i bought have formed this bond that has been getting annoying lately. She and the dog spend every second rolling around together 24/7, kissing and making out and shit. It got to the point where last night I was all like, woman, i'm sitting at the other end of the living room by myself. this has been going on for 5 months straight. No sex, she don't cook no more, no nothing, just her and the dog rolling around baby talking. It got to the point where I called her out and the woman never let's me argue. She always just starts to pack her shit like she's going to leave...So last night I kissed her ass a bit to get her to stay.

Now come this morning, same shit...This time i was like fuck it. I called her selfish for not letting me express myself. So she packs some shit takes the dog and jets. What a selfish woman. Am i right. This is a woman that has no empathy. She won't let me get her pregnant, because she hates kids, We don't go to the beach, because she hates beaches, We go on vacations to only where she wants to go because she's picky. Am i right on calling her selfish? She is probably going to want me to budge, but i'm not. I'm holding my ground dammit. Am I right? Also I miss my dog, but the little fucker don't even like me because she trained him to be attached to her ass. He only likes when I give him a treat.


let her go

Woman man they are all crazy and u can't tell them shit or they will freak out Phone Post 3.0


Time to move on! Phone Post 3.0

Your wife left your ass for a dog... That's the new bbc Phone Post 3.0

gokudamus - let her go

I'm seriously considering it. We've only been married for a year and she clearly doesn't want to start a family with me, so their are no strings. Granted I love her and she's hot but I am starting to not like her personality one bit. Hell even before we got the dog, she is the type that you will be talking to her and she just doesn't respond. Like when people talk to me i make and effort to show i'm listening, she don't do that and it all started recently after marriage. It's fucking weird

Dude she likes you so little she prefers to hang with the dog.
Tell her the dog will pay the fucking bills for now on. Phone Post 3.0

Ya it sucks to be left for a

It kind of sucks to start looking for a new bitch at 38 years old to though.

TheSergeK - Your wife left your ass for a dog... That's the new bbc Phone Post 3.0

Came here to say this.

Married a year and already 5 months of no sex????? Dude, contact your attorney ASAP and let her become someone else's problem. Phone Post 3.0

You need to buy both of you dog suits and become furries.

If you want kids it would be pretty dumb to stay with a woman who hates them.

I may be asking the obvious your dog black? Phone Post 3.0

Come to think of it, why the hell did you MARRY a woman who hates kids, if you want kids?

Sorry man losing a dog sucks. Phone Post 3.0


nhb1 - Sorry man losing a dog sucks. Phone Post 3.0
Sounds like he lost two bitches Phone Post 3.0

Why are you with her in the first place if you want kids and she hates them ?

And you don't seem too compatible, not sharing common interest and goals?

And is the the dog black ? ...... Phone Post 3.0

Matt Phillips - I may be asking the obvious your dog black? Phone Post 3.0

Black Labrador