My wife wants a divorce...

My wife on Saturday came home Saturday and said she had some bad news. She said she wanted a divorce, and that she wasn't in love with me anymore.
I might of over reacted by saying get her shit and go then, but at the time I was pissed and it felt right. But being completely removed from her is hard. I don't know if I should try and fight for her, to try and win her back or to just sign papers and give her what she wants..
And no, there is no body else. On either side, never was. We never really fought, or anything. Just barely got to see each other the last few months because I work mornings and she nights. Idk what to do tho. My head is all fucked up.. Phone Post 3.0

Post pics. Phone Post

Sorry to hear it. It will mess you up for a while. Just stay calm if you can.

just stay strong...and from this point forward...use your brain and your heart...and treat her with respect and demand the same in return no matter how it plays out.

regardless, the next bit is going to suck. start thinking about the worst case scenario and look after yourself without being a total douche to her in any arrangement.

how do you know there isn't somebody else?

because she told you?

She said she wanted a divorce without trying anything first, and a fucking shit ton happens between being fine and "i want a divorce". So she sounds like she's open about everything.

Sounds done.

Time will do the rest.

That sucks man. how old are you guys? LOL@your screen name Phone Post

Keep your head up man. It's gonna be rough but don't do anything rash. Wish you the best OP. Phone Post

Mattefrost - Post pics. Phone Post
Pics or ban Phone Post 3.0

if a woman is done, then nothing you say will get her back. a woman's heart runs not hot and cold, but soft then becomes a rock.

lol at that Peyton Manning clip.

Obama can't leave anything alone. Phone Post 3.0

don't bother fighting for her. she's already made up her mind at this point. and you're probably wrong, she probably has someone current or lined up.

Sorry man - time to move on. Phone Post 3.0

My wife once told me she wanted a divorce 8 years ago.

I scoffed and said, "No."

still going strong, and I get the poon in between the black guys she's fucking. Phone Post 3.0

What is there to think about? There are better women out there who would be more than happy sucking you dry a couple times a day. Radio silence the ex and go probe every hot 18 year old that comes your way.

Fight for her bro. Worst thing that can happen is she decides to NOT get back with u. It will haunt u for the rest of your life for not giving it everything. Phone Post 3.0

there is someone else Phone Post 3.0

well... at least someone loved u at one point.

i still dont know what it feels like to have someone love me