My wife went nuclear yesterday on Bare shelves Biden


Different countries prevent salmonella spread I. Different ways.

The west refrigerates the eggs.

Europe washes their eggs.

Or something like that.

Check YouTube.

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And Mexicans just get salmonella.

The whole world is seeing shortages due to economical shutdowns and war. Blaming a single man in a single Country is ‘tarded.

What we should all be blaming is our own countries reliance for decades upon decades of importing food when we live in countries more than capable of sustaining our own produce whilst creating more homegrown jobs as a further benefit

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Opposite actually, in US (and Canada too) they remove the protective lining of the egg by washing it off… thats why you need to refrigerate your eggs.

Negative. Baby formula getting very low. Costco limits 2 per customer. Our grocery bill is easily 20-25% higher too

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Hmm not a Costco member, just strictly Ralph’s. They seem to be doing fine

That must be some bomb ass pussy if you put up with a former liberal.

I’m in the retail industry. The supply chain from water to shelf is all fucked up. The supply itself is low but not as low as the end user may think.

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That aint Nathans

Nathans ain’t all that

I’ll double check on my next daily ralphs run!

Who goes to the grocery store daily, is it because you have to gather bottles and cans for money?

Biden stole that speech from Dwight Schrute.