My wing chun lineage...

I was sold by one of his students 12 years ago to sign up for william cheung wing chun...the teacher of Bruce Lee.

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Then I found out he got his ass handed to him by another wing chun guy( Emin ) via GRAPPLING.

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Can I get my money back for 1 year of training???

Funniest part about that - Yip Man was Bruce Lee's Wing Chun teacher ;)

well wiliam cheung was one of the senior instructors and could have been bruce's sempai

Ah the infamous Willian Cheung video.

You guys do know that he got amubushed at a seminar and the video was quite well edited.

Imagine if someone cheat shotted Royce whilst he was giving a seminar then editing the video to make it look like a fight and distributing it to show how poor Gracie JJ is compared to say Mcdojo JJ.

The only thing was, Emin Boztepe looked as bad as Cheung.

Noticed how they don't show the start of the fight?

he also later claimed his kung fu slippers made him fall over. TMA once again leading MMA and it's dress shoes

What do you think the Gracies would do if someone DID cheap shot one of them at a seminar?

so a self defence art is rendered useless if someone suprises you? as in the majority of assaults?

"and could have been bruce's sempai "

bruce had never recognsied him as such

wing chun is a good direct art, good for close quartes, quick damage and can help give you an opening for escape if you attack quick enough

not a mcdojo if you learn from someone legit

Somewhere on the internets you can find Cheung's account of what happened in that "fight." It's pretty hysterical. It's all "He used pak sau man ching to advance his right elbow 4 cm into my defense of solitude, which I countered with a dong mak ching chang to upset his chi... blah blah blah."

He makes it sound like some awesome Wing Chun technical battle, then when you watch it it looks like two 4th graders going at it.

Guys...I use to be a part of william cheung association...the story of this fight change so much...first it was EMIN jumped him...then the story changed from william cheung himself who stated that emin challenged him...but william saying he's the senior of wing chun refused...but was forced to accept the challenge...then william says he slipped...but if u watch the CLEARLY shows he was SWEPT( the only technique of any sort used ). So after hearing the cult like bull shit of my former association...I bounced. The thing that trips me out is william cheung is notorious for accepting numerous challenge matches in HK and in Austrialia...but then he refuses to fight in Germany??? Bull shit.

In Chinese MA (Cantonese language), you have a SiFu (teacher/father) and your classmates are either SiHing (teacher/elder brother) or SiDai (Teacher/Younger Brother). Senior or junior, everyone is considered a 'teacher'.

William Cheung and Wong Shun-Leung were two of Bruce Lee's SiHing who reportedly had a lot of influence on him. Yip Man's class seemed to have many little sub-groups of students who shared, worked out, helped out, etc. within the greater whole.

As to the video, it was and is an embrassment to everyone.

ttt for later

i had read that bruce was excelling really fast and alot of the students shunned him becaue of how fast he was learning plus the fact that he was not full chinese (1/4 german). i think i read it in linda biography of him

yomamafool...Bruce supposely was really he would in training actually pop his classmates. In the US...he realize that most of the wing chun was crap and started focusing on the boxing and adding the kicks=kickboxing.
He went from this:

To this:

NOT BAD since there was no KICKBOXING, INTERNET, UFC/PRIDE shows or DVD instructionals.

LOL....I forgot the little pepe story.