My words of the day for past month in rhyming form

Here are all of my words of the day for the past month, in rhyming form. I'm well away that most are basic. I just liked them so I made them word of the day.

I'm deranged - and unabashed about it/
I'm resilient - dont harbor doubt about it/
In incipient stages I pause at this juncture/
I dither for a bit, then I make some perfunctor/
E remarks, and some prefatory statements/
My penchant for trouble and dicey situations/
Internalizing words of disdain or contempt/
Detest and berate all the people who attempt/
To propagate fatuous, baseless remarks/
Resent when the masses get restive or depart/
inviolable principles and savor attention/
Self indulgent sniveling and oh did I mention/
Vitriolic speeches, invective from windbags/
Vigorous rebuttals, immaculate
Succumb to my pressure when I press like full court/
Your warped and untenable views
Can't support/
People live harmoniously, boisterous children/
drive a wedge between them, land between buildings /
Unscrupulous cynics and dismal predictions/
Carping about Robust contradictions/
Emanating from austere cadres of enforcers/
Preying on the apathy, making you coarser/
Efforts are incessant, histrionic demonstrations/
Palpable discordance and demonic elevations/
Pioneers, forerunners, rest of the vanguard/
First line of resistance, plotting to stand hard/

The fox stands guard at the henhouse/
Catacombs beneath, and brigades on the way south/
Fused in prodigious not malicious constitution/
A mercenary outpost like the templar's revolution/
Hear that sound? Something's amiss/
The poor purposely pitted against the rich/
Bombastic blowhards promoting the conflict/
Dirty class warfare and no way to stop it/ Phone Post

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