My Workout Experiment: Body weight only

I'm gonna try something for 6 weeks.. Body weight workouts only. No added weights and as minimal equipment as possible. I think so far the only equipment I will use is a pullup bar attached to a wall in my garage.

I've always supplemented with body weight exercises.. Never built a program solely around them. I'm trying to determine what kind of results I can see in a short amount of time with as little equipment as possible Phone Post

Do the old Lion's Den workout.

500 pushups, situps, leg lifts and squats

Sounds good. Would love to see your results. Post pics. Phone Post

by the way, that's also good for if you travel a lot and your accomodations either lack a gym or have a crappy/crowded gym

slo ko -

Do the old Lion's Den workout.

500 pushups, situps, leg lifts and squats

Okay that's a bit hardcore to do every day. They did that all in one sitting as an audition right? I'm not ashamed to say I'm not at that level..

I don't think I will split my regimen like a 5x5 or anything.

I think I'll do full body exercises every day with varying degrees of intensity on certain muscle groups based on the day.

I have a feeling ill be doing a lot of work with the pullup bar.. But I see dips, different kinds of pull ups, pushups, squats, burpees, being incorporated into some sort of high intensity interval program being the core of what I'm going to do. Phone Post

90 minute heated power yoga FTW!

Who was the dude who used to peddle his bodyweight-only videos on here?

Matt Fury or something like that?

It would be great if you could document your progress with photos. Can you post some pics of your body in various poses? It would be best if you are wearing as little as possible. If you need help let me know and I can come over with my camera. Phone Post

What's your weight? /r/bodyweightfitness

They have sample workouts and plenty of advice.

If you have a place to hang rings, I recommend "Building the Olympic Body" by Sommers.

CaptainBurma - 90 minute heated power yoga FTW!
Wife talked me into doing this once. Almost asked for a divorce halfway through Phone Post 3.0

5"6.. 140 lbs right now. 

I have been doing bodyweight only for the past few weeks. I even made my own fit-deck cards.

There is enough variation to keep you challenged for quite a while.

If you have any questions as away.

i've been doing body weight almost exclusively for the last 2 years (ok, i use 2lb dumbbells for some specialized shoulder exercises the PT gave me)

before i noticed any increase in strength, i noticed an improvement in endurance. size increase came a bit later - but its so subtle only I notice it.

But, that's just me - i've always had a tough time building muscle.

My buddy, who got me started doing this now has a barrel chest.

X_Rated - 

5"6.. 140 lbs right now. 

140 lbs. of twisted steel and sex appeal?

In Phone Post

ill post a baseline image soon.. 

I started doing bodyweight exercises a few weeks ago. I've been following the book "Overcoming Gravity" by Stephen Low and Valentin Uzunov.