My wrestler found hangin from tree

Im just devastated

he was just 16 yrs old

so far all i know is his friends found him hangin from a tree in the woods where they meet sometimes

he was such a happy kid always smiling, i just cant believe he would do this to himself

so far no one knows why, no girlfriend, no depression, no fights at home

he qualified for states as a freshman in hs, he was one of the best kids at the club and in NY

his picture (someone please post):

heres some articles about him

how he chose wrestling over football even though his father is head football coach-

he won the national championships in 2002, middle school 125 lbs-

how he won a marathon match in Section 9 finals:

We're really gona miss this kid :(

RIP Pat, we love you man

So sorry to hear about the loss. Hopefully he has now found peace.

May 20, 2004

Wrestling champion dies at 16

By Sal Interdonato

Times Herald-Record

Central Valley – Grief counselors will be on hand today at Monroe-Woodbury High School to help students cope with the death of Pat D'Aliso, a popular Section 9 wrestling champion.

D'Aliso, 16, the son of long-time Monroe-Woodbury football coach Pat D'Aliso, died yesterday, a distraught faculty member confirmed.

"It's sad but true," the faculty member said, his voice cracking. "It's horrible. I can't believe it. He was amazing. He was an all-American. He was the greatest wrestler I've ever seen."

The cause of death was not made public. D'Aliso was well known and well liked in school and in the wrestling community that stretched from Monroe-Woodbury to Kingston. D'Aliso, who had an 81-24 career record, was respected by teammates and competitors.

"He was a good kid,'' said Kingston's Willis Freeman, who edged D'Aliso for the section Division I 160-pound title in February. "He just liked everyone. He talked to everyone at the tournaments. Pat was a great wrestler, a great competitor. He was so hungry."

High school faculty will meet before 7:15 a.m. today to discuss measures to cope with the death.

Monroe-Woodbury Superintendent Terrence Olivo encouraged students to attend school today. "We know they are much better off, emotionally and psychologically" by attending school in times of shared grief, Olivo said.

Support staff from other district school buildings will be at the high school today to assist with students' needs, Olivo said.

Word of D'Aliso's passing spread quickly throughout the community. Students on America Online exchanged instant messages mourning the death, said senior girls' lacrosse player Kimia Mousavi.

"This is just so unfortunate," Mousavi said. Many of the messages included three words: "Rest in Peace.''


Just an unfortunate situation.

It's hard to believe that a kid with such potential would kill himself.

I just don't understand it.

Depression is a helluva thing.

RIP, Pat

RIP, tragic :(

I am very upset by this. I wrestle for Valley Central, I missed my senior year due to an automobile accident. I was hanging out with Pat at the Section 9 tournament a few months ago, I can't believe he's gone. R.I.P.

I'm so sorry to hear of this Grappler HK.

Please remember that depression is a disease just as real as any physical disease only far harder to diagnose and treat.

Your lad died due to a disease that there was little anyone not qualified as a psychiatrist could have done about.

My younger brother has an extreme psychotic disorder and is a permanent resident of a mental institution after trying to kill himself for no reason a number of times. My fiance is also a psychologist. (In short, I have some perspective and knowledge on this.)

Condolences to all of Pat's family and friends.

Man, this is so sad.


sorry to hear about this

Man, HK...that is sad bro. My condolences. WAY too young....

stu, I believe you have spoken words of wisdom, I believ what you say is exactly what happened here. It's the only conclusion I can come to.

I am truely sorry for your loss.

I didn't know him that well, but Pat was a nice kid, and was very cool to the other wrestlers at Wrestling Plus. It's been a few days, and I still can't believe this.