My XBox is dying!

i've had my system since the beginning and i'm starting to notice a lot of disc reading errors. i bought a cd cleaner but it hasn't done shit.

i did some research and found out that the 1st generation thompson dvd drives crap out within 2 years!

anyone else encounter similar problems?

I have that problem with my ps2 but not my xbox. Though I've had my ps2 a lot longer than I've had my xbox.

I sent my ps2 back to Sony and they fixed it for free for the same kind of disc read errors. You might want to try the same thing with Microsoft.

You can also replace the drive your self if you're so inclined.

for ps2 disc reading errors you can do the scotch tape trick (look for it on dont know a solution for xbox thomson drives..... which i happen to have...

please explain scotch tape trick?
i looked for it on gamefaqs but cant seem to find
the page

sure it's scotch tape and not duck tape?

For some reason every system has a lot of problems when it first comes out, my friend bought a PS1 and it couldnt read shit after about a year and the same thing happened with my Sega Saturn, PS2 had the same problems

scotch tape tip? Please explain...

okay. use this ONLY if your ps2 has trouble running ps1 (or non-dvd ps2 games). get two strips of scotch tape about One inch long each. and tape them to the side of the whole in your disc tray like this


that's it.

bscdthrasher your problem is very very common. I work for x-box support! You need to ring x-box for them to replace your drive. We do it free over here in the UK, dunno about over there though.