My Xmas....

I got the book, "POKER: The Real Deal" by Phil Gordon.

I got 2 Padron Anniversarios

I gave 2 Habana Cohibas

I spent all weekend playing poker with my family and losing my ass! Talk about a bad run of cards!!! I started the weekend on a series of wins. I won our opening "big pot" game (Frankenstein), and won about 2 of the next 3 smaller pots. So where did I go wrong? I absentmindedly made change for my sister from my own pile....

....and paid for it the remainder of the weekend! I remained in dead-last place from there on out.

How about this for a raw deal? (don't know if this truly counts as a "bad beat")

We were playing a variation of Cincinatti called "Utah". Five cards down to each player, five community cards rolled one at a time (round of betting after each) and the last community card is wild.

There were 3 players. Me, Mom, Sis.

With the exception of ONE hand, each game was won with a minimum of a Straight Flush. Most games were won with a Royal Flush.

One hand in particular, I was dealt a rainbow, without connectors. The first 4 community card each matched one of my hole cards. I literally had FOUR PAIR....

With the last community card being wild, of course I had a Full House, but lost to a Royal Flush.

how is that book?

Its ok.

I would recommend it as one of your first poker reads, as one of the very nice things about it is that throughout the entire book, the author is recommending OTHER poker books to read and gives review and insight on them.

And to tell my truth, it IS my first poker book, so I'm enjoying it very much. However, even though its my first read, I can already tell that this book is merely scratching the surface. It gives some good BASIC advice to get you started at each level of playing. LOW LIMIT, MIDDLE LIMIT, HIGH LIMIT, NO LIMIT, etc....

Yeah, I read it, it's not a real how-to-play-poker book, it's more of a book about poker, the history of playing cards, the history of the game, the history of the WSOP. Along the way it tries to explain basic concepts so you have a better understanding of the game, however it's never really like a teach you to play poker book. It fills its own nitch that way. It's still a fun and interesting read on it's own though