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Like everyone else in the entire world, I am putting stuff up on Youtube. I had a YouTube channel before but it got taken down for blatant copyright infringement so now I’m doing one that is just my stuff.

What am I posting? Some videos are jiu jitsu techniques I am teaching in class. Some are matches I’ve referee’d at local tournaments, with my reviews of them. Some are old videos of MMA events I’ve been to. Some are reviews of rare martial arts books I’ve bought … and there’s some other stuff too, like this:

Is it the worst crap ever put on Youtube? Maybe, but maybe not. Anyway, feel free to watch it … or not. There might be something on there you find interesting.


As long as you’re having fun! There’s noway it could be the worst thing on YouTube.

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Cool I’ll check it out. I love YouTube.

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My simple observations that may help you. Edit your videos to around 8 minutes. Ditch the reading. It’s seems forced. Tell the story like you would if you were telling it to someone. Naturally. Just my .02 that might help you.


yeah, you’re right. I wrote that years ago and wanted to give it a shot with the whole storybook idea. I’ll give it a shot improv-style and see how that turns out


Here’s another video of mine. I referee pretty often and I’ve taken the IBJJF rules cause a bunch of times. I’ve even ref’d for the IBJJF a few times.

One odd fact is that a lot of people don’t bother learning the rules at all before they compete and lose as a result, or maybe get DQ’d for doing something illegal.

Anyway, here is my tedious summary of IBJJF rules.

Keep in mind, I may be getting everything wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m correct in getting this right.


I tried that first story again but without reading from a book.


Thanks for sharing, OP. I’ll definitely check it out and subscribe.


Nice! I started listening on the way in to work. I’ll finish it tonight.

Here I share my thoughts on a match I referee’d earlier this year

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Here I am telling another one of my stories


Subscribed sir .
Here’s mine

Please let me know what you think of the content we are sharing . Thanks

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Here I am reading about my trip to the Playboy Mansion and how odd it was …

wait … the audio is messed up. I’ll fix this …

I noticed that but I didn’t want to crap on your channel.

Here it is with the volume fixed …

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