Myanmar-China hotel AMA

Friend of friend is opening a hotel very close to the China ---Myanmar boarder AMA

I really don’t know much so maybe don’t ask me any questions.

Already has 18 Condos/rental units close to the river now is opening a hotel.

Any OGers travel to this area ?


ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff - 


First post nails it !

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Pictures from the area and Mynmar look pretty neat.

Last time they visited me bright some cool gifts.

Do you know what AMA means ?

"The Burma Bailout" 

DaveFu - 

"The Burma Bailout" 

Yes !

Could be some epic OG meetings

The_Rapist_/_Therapist - 

Do you know what AMA means ?

Yes and it seems so damn challenging especially if you really don’t know that much about a subject

So I figured I would try to discourage questions on the front end of this AMA

Hope that answers your question



But in for the road trip. 

Project gaining steam again.

I really don’t know much so back to the old AMA

No detailed questions please as I don’t know that much.

It is interesting this thread was started right as the lock downs were ramping up.

Now getting back on track.


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Will need to flee Baja soon. Still in

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China is faggot

Final touches are taking place.

Will it have sluts?

Consistent with my other answers, I don’t know the answer to that question.