Mystic Chael Sonnen, not so much

Has he got a single prediction right?

I like the part where he was confident Conor was scared shitless of Aldo. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck chael honestly Phone Post 3.0

Sonnen is staying in the headlines and still managing to make money talking shit without having to back it up. Fair play to him Phone Post 3.0

Why are you posting? Phone Post 3.0

He's the new Randy. His predictions suck.

Dead President - Why are you posting? Phone Post 3.0

Exactly. This is the only reason Chael says that stupid shit; so people talk about him. If people are talking about him, more people will listen to his podcast, more listeners means more revenue, more revenue means more $$$ in uncle Chael's pocket.

He should not be taken seriously.