N.A.G.A. Nationals!?!

Hello UG!! My daughter recieved a letter two weeks ago, inviting her to compete in the N.A.G.A. Nationals in Florida next month.

Me, my son, and my daughter (Angel Strickland), train here in Louisiana. She has been training for nine months, and has made unreal improvements. She has never competed on her level, or at her weight. Always above. Last month she competed at the Casca-Grossa tournament. The lightest person in her division outweighed he by 35 lbs, and had been training for five years. She only got fourth place, but she held her own, and I am definitely proud of her.

Anyway, I am looking for a company that would be willing to sponsor her with some gear. Some board shorts, rashguards, etc.

All of you here on the UG, help so many people in so many different ways. I appreciate all that you do, and I appreciate any help that we can get.