This fight is for the GFC's 1st ever Championship belt. Winner will be able to say that they have the prestige of being the first person to hold a belt in the Gracie Fighting Championships. Nick Diaz gets a chance a a ttle shot that has eluded him for some time,while Denny gets to come in and be a huge spoiler. The time limits will be longer than standard MMA fights and some other interesting changes will also be in place.


Good Luck to both fighters. Both are class acts.


Nick Diaz is finally going to have a belt. There's no way wild man can win this even if everyone from King of the Cage came and fought with him.


will this be a live ppv or tape delayed a few weeks?

also any more info on the length of the fight and the rules?

Nick "I ain't no bitch" Diaz all day long.

live on Dish net, tape delayed on InDemand. Fights are 10min 1st rnd, 5 min 2nd rnd for reg fights, Title bout 10, 5, and 5.



thanks for the info,it is appreciated

It seems like a horrible waste of Nick's talent

It's on HDNET, when?


"horrible waste of nick's talent? i don't understand"

Probably because he's fighting a mismatch for a meaningless belt. Diaz is way too good for Denny and will win easily. I'd rather see him as a contender in the UFC fighting guys like Koscheck and Fitch rather than a "champ" fighting guys like Thomas Denny. MMA does not need to follow boxing into the realm where every single fighter is holding some sort of meaningless belt.

I think Nick will be here tonite to do a live chat with everyone.

i wonder if online bookies will have lines for this event?

Nick "EL DIABLO" Diaz

any time frame when Nick will be on here?