n-gage opinions?

check out www.n-gage.com

Has anyone got one? What do they play like? Also how good are the other features like the MP3 Player, Web Browser etc?

I need a new mobile phone so I thought I might get one, but I don't wanna buy an n-gage without proper research. I heard the battery life is shit. Opinions Anyone???

I don't know anybody who has one,although I could care less.

*Makes sacred gameboy advance hand sign*

Yeah I kinda feel like I would be cheating on my Gameboy Advance SP if I got an n-gage! After all me and the Gameboy System go back a long way. I remember the original gameboy. Built like a brick, drained 4 batteries, but it was worth it! I still have tetris, marioland which I still play today! Also I know Sony PSP is coming out next year which I will be getting too. I just heard PSP won't be as mobile enough to fit in your pocket.

Don't get it unless you already need a phone... it is a gaming phone... not a game system

check this out: http://tapwave.com/

I found out that the stunt car game bluetooth multiplayer is compatible between the Zodiac and N-Gage. Pretty cool...

doh... you said you already need a phone.... well, I'll find a review for you that includes an explanation of the taco problem....

...also the screen is very small



I would stay away from N-Gage... Go into an EB or something they have them on display.. I think you'll probably agree it sucks.

If I could get it for nearly free with a 1-year plan I would choose that phone over say.... a camera phone. Other than that situation there's no way I'd get it

hmm....maybe if they release a second gen version of the n-gage with longer battery life, a shortcut button to play games, a slot to load the game chip instead of taking the n-gage apart, a bigger screen (less vertical more widescreen),more inbuilt memory etc.. Fuck it. Hell, I might as well redesign the thing for nokia!

GBA Rules!

I played a display model in a store, Tomb Raider looks like the PS1 version with a terrible framerate, personally I would never get one I would definately take a GBA over it.

Tried it, its horrible. Small screen, bad frame rate, bad controls, too big for a phone... plays really bad. It also works as mp3 player, radio, etc... but it sucks really bad.

That's an example of someone trying to make an all-in-one device that's shitty at everything.

For me, it would be better to carry a GBA, cell phone, and iPod and have them all do what they're intended to do really well. Better than having to comprimise.

Although I hear the N-Gage will run MAME and emulate arcade games, which is kind of cool.

"Although I hear the N-Gage will run MAME and emulate arcade games, which is kind of cool"

I'm not so sure about that... this on the other hand will =)