North Korea experts on Trump: 'It's clear he knows next to nothing'



Echoing that sentiment, David Straub, former State Department Korea director and associate director of the Korea Program at Stanford University, told Business Insider that Trump knows "next to nothing" about the region.

"He didn't say very much about North Korea during the campaign, and what he did say was incoherent," Straub told Business Insider.

Notably, while on the campaign trail, Trump said he would hold a summit with the North's reckless leader Kim Jong Un over hamburgers. 

"It's clear he knows next to nothing about the area and the problems there, and it will take him and his administration a long time to get up to speed," Straub said.-----



Trump will just phonecall his buddy Putin and get the OK to launch the nukes. Phone Post 3.0

Oh I see its just researchers talking shit. Phone Post 3.0

why are these Limo-Libs so uppity?  What's wrong with a Hamburger?!?  It's probably a better strategy than all their fancy "scenario programs" which haven't worked at all!

'It is phenomenal how close they are': Both Trump and Putin want to unravel America's most 'solemn commitment' to Europe


in a shake-up that would affect the country's longtime role as a global police officer.

It's a position that aligns closely with that of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose spokesman said on Thursday that Putin and Trump "set out the same main foreign policy principles, and that is incredible."

"It is phenomenal how close they are to one another when it comes to their conceptual approach to foreign policy," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in comments broadcast by Russian state TV's Channel One.


Trump has questioned the value of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization along the campaign trail. He has postulated that the US should not be obligated to come to the defense of its NATO allies if they "aren't paying their bills."----



President Trump already sent ambassador Rodman to successfully develop good relations with N. Korea.  

What the fuck is a North Korea expert? Phone Post 3.0

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Yeah, and all Obama's policy experts that we have at the helm right now are doing a bang-up job with the DPRK.


Waiting for regime change hasn't worked for the past 60+ years, but that is all anyone wants to do. I'll welcome any change with DPRK policy, even if it comes from Trump.