When you're in the NWO,you're in 4-Life!


I loved those days... back when I could watching wrestling...

Although the NWO went down hill the moment that talentless douche Buff Bagwell joined.

I was lovin that shit!!!!!! Can somebody please name all the members of ALL factions??

that would be great, thanks. :)

Somebody should put the theme song on this thread.

Best entrance music ever.

Where can one find it??

The NWO gave life and death to WCW.

the greatest swerve in wrestling history....

Apparently you are not in the NWO for life...

*Hogan is in Florida

*Nash is in the Punisher

*Hall is in AA (or should be)

*The Giant is in the WWE

*Ted Dibiase is in a delusional state of religious fervor

*The Disciple is in Boston collecting subway tokens and being pegged as a terrorist when he is in fact just a drug addict

*Buff Bagwell is in financial trouble

*Curt Hennig is in the ground.

Yet none of them are still in the NWO lol.

LMAO! That was harsh as hell.

They should have kept the NWO with only 4 members...Hogan...the Giant...The Outsiders...they really screwed it up.

Greatest angle of all-time. The first 6 months were incredible. Then they ran out of steam.

Pro-wrestling made a huge comeback in part b/c of the NWO angle.