N00b iPod questions

OK, I got 2 iPods. So all of the songs in itunes are in the same libray. I didnt want all my wifes crap on my ipod, but it put it all on there. So how do I get it off? And how do I keep this from happening again?

You're gonna have to create a playlist in iTunes and set your iPod to only copy that playlist.

You have to set iTunes to update manualy, not automaticaly. You will have to drag and drop the songs that you do want on to your ipod. You can delete songs that are on your ipod by going into the ipod music library, selecting the songs you don't want and deleting them. This can only be done if the ipod updates manualy.

can I get the crap off my ipod that is on there now? I am even will to blank the whole thing out and start over.

You can't just get them off of the iPod without syncing up to iTunes. You have to do like we are telling you and set your iPod to manually update and then sync again.

Separate Windows user. See the other thread.

Just do this:

In the bottom left hand corner of iTunes you will see a button with a cross on it. Press it. This will create a new playlist. name that playlist. Drag and drop EVERYTHING you want from the library on your iPod into that playlist. Hook up your iPod. Let it update again. now go into options and set it to only sync that playlist. Sync again.


what happens when you plug your i-pod in the computer and it charges but the computer doesnt read it..it was fine yesterday but now today i cant download my songs to the i-pod

flowerfeeder's solution leaves that iPod with a whopping one playlist of all your music.


Yeah, Mullet, but you can listen to it on the iPod any way you wish. The iPod will organize it all by artist, album, song etc. You won't get stuck listening to just that playlist in that order.


And he can still just import every thing he wants into the library. All he has to do is also drag and drop any new stuff into the playlist. I think that's easier than creating 2 windows users.

Without custom playlists, you're missing out on a big chunk of the fun of having an MP3 player. Who doesn't have at least a "Party Mix" playlist? The guy who follows your advice, that's who! :)

You're missing out on a lot of great grouping opportunities your way. Hell, I probably have 35 playlists.

Adding a 2nd Windows user is a little more work, but worth it.

I can provide creative playlist examples, if anyone wants 'em.

OK, I logged in as the mrs, then imported my entire libray. then I went and 'culled' all of the stuff I know she would like ( you know, the good music) and left her stuff. Then I logged back in as me, and took all of her crap out of my library. Now I re-sync my ipod and all of her crap should eb off of it.

ive never seen anyone enjoy the ipod as much as you are mullet.

Taking an ipod away from you would be like taking a baby from its mother


Did you actually remove them, or just uncheck them? I recommend unchecking.

I rarely use custom playlists. I guess that's why i didn't think about that.

Wedding playlist?

I deleted them. I know I will never want abba on my ipdo.