N00b iPod questions

But then again, he can still create custom playlists in the library and set the iPod to sync those as well.

LOL @ how correct Isaac298 is.

I've been screwing around with MP3 players (iPod and beyond) for a long time now. I've had portable players, car MP3 CD players, car hard drive players, home network streaming players, etc. I have enough experience being frustrated with them that I know what works well. I also understand how, once you've had them for a while, the way you listen to music will change, and you'll probably want maximum flexibility down the road, even if you think you won't right now.

Dude, you may have just deleted all of your GF's music files. LMFAO!

Better check to see if her Abba still plays.

LOL. No. Sorry. No wedding playlists.

Cool Playlist ideas (don't laugh at my music):

  • Concert setlists. I came up with this idea when I missed half a Dream Theater concert because I had to work late. The next day I went online and found a setlist to see what I had missed. Then it dawned on me to recreate the setlist as an iPod playlist. Since then, I've also done it with concerts I saw all the way through, just to relive them a bit. I try to use live versions of the songs as much as possible.

  • Grouping common musicians. I have Van Halen, Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth songs on my iPod. I also have a "David Van Hagar" playlist that mixes them all together.

"Guns & Slash" another similar playlist: Guns & Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Slash's Snakepit.

My "Zombie All" playlist plays through all my White Zombie and Rob Zombie together.

  • Recreate lists from magazines. Maybe you want a list of the top 100 songs of the year on one playlist, in countdown order? I use this to compile lists put out by Modern Drummer magazine. For example, they put out a list of the top-20 recorded drum performances of the 70s, which I have as a complete playlist.

  • Playlists to make everybody happy. Not a bad idea to have something like this around when you're playing music for a party with mixed musical tastes. I've even thought about letting my wife and 2 friends each take turns adding songs to a massive playlist, that we could listen to on long road trips.

  • Short group lists. Most people think of playlists as party mixes, with hundreds of different artists in them. I like to combine 2-3 bands, whose music really seems to go together, into playlists. Examples from my library:

Ozzy & Dio

Kool, Wind & Fire

Prince Time

Aniblue (Animusic & Blue Man Group)

  • Smart Playlists. This, of course, is a whole different world. One I've barely begun to explore. I only have one set up now. I call it "Famous Drummers". I use the "Composer" ID3 tag to track drummer names, rather than composers. I don't fill out every drummer, just those I give a shit about. My "Famous Drummers" smartlist basically plays everything where the "Composer" field is not blank.


Got it,

thx mullet!

BTW, in your opinion, what is best way to rip CDs? I use Exact Audio.

Are all your files in MP3 format? What is the optimal bit-rate in your experience (good quality, not too much space. I use 128 but am thinking of doing 192 instead).

thx again!

No one can argue with Scott when it comes to this shit.

We can argue, but he is THEEEE ipod enthusiast. I just enjoy all mp3 players. I've gone through about 7 different brands over time. Good stuff

LOL. I dunno about that, but thanks, Mr. 13.

I rip using EAC and Lame. I use the following setting:

%l--alt-preset 192%l%h--alt-preset standard%h %s %d

I absolutely do believe if ripping all my music to MP3 format. There are better formats out there, but not more universal ones. The vast majority of music available for download (legally or otherwise) is in MP3 format. I like to keep everything the same.

Most importantly, I also want to keep my options as wide open as possible. The Creative Zen players are starting to look pretty damn good. Should I ever decide to switch to one (or something else) I don't want an Apple-only format. I want a file format that's going to work with any and every portable player I could possibly want.

I've also made MP3 disks a few times (for car listening when I let wife take the iPod for the weekend). It was nice that I didn't have to convert anything. Just burn.

FYI, I also run all my music through MP3Gain. That way I can create mixed playlists of newer songs with older (much quieter) songs, without having the volume jumping all over the place.


Where do you see that option on EAC?
%l--alt-preset 192%l%h--alt-preset standard%h %s %d


EAC (menu) > Compression Options > External Compression (tab)


I've been reading quite a bot on EAC lately. Have you ever tried VBR instead if Constant bit rate? Supposedly it's better

The command line I posted is a variable bit rate. It's the only way to go.

Well, one of the only ways. My second choice would be ABR (average bit rate). It's a good way to go when you're dealing with storage space issues.

The only time I would use constant bit rate is if storage was a complete non-factor. I would rip to CBR = 320. Storage will always be a factor for me. My music collection grows faster than apple increases iPod capacity.

btw, I am up to about 4 days worth of music mine.