NAAFS v. ROC ? (Just an idea)

Two excellent organizations, one in Ohio and the other in Jersey.  Both have sent many fighters to the UFC and some to Bellator.  If you keep an eye on either of these orgs and/or at least watch or attend events, they are both always entertaining cards with up and comers as well as vets.  

Okay, onto my idea.  I really like the idea of matching up some of the champs or even just fighters that fight in each and I think it could be really positive for fighter development and experience.  

Last night, Jessica Eye added on another win over tough vet, Carina Dam.  She's looking poised to make those next steps.  The show altogether had many action packed bouts.  

I know NAAFS posts here and not sure a rep from ROC does.., but anybody else like this idea?  Maybe one org could send fighters to the other for a show and then vice versa.  We all know that East Coast is slightly better than most other areas, but it would still be fun. lol.  


Sounds awesome, but Jersey and Ohio are so far apart that only the ROC or NAAFS fan base will be able to make the fight. Depending what part of the state they are from it could be 10-18hrs of travel or they would have to fly in the fighters. So they would have a lot of travel expenses and not that much in ticket gains.

I'd love too see it though. NAAFS puts on some good shows. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys! Always appreciate the support. I'm down to work with Lou and ROC and think something like this is overdo for the better regional shows. We're extremely lucky to have such great talent to pull from. Thank you again for the kind words Phone Post 3.0

I would love to see this Phone Post