Nadal and his bid for the 2021 French Open title

We’re going five

Novak is still a major threat to close this out in four sets.

Hopefully Nadal doesn’t have to dig himself out of a hole this next service game, again. Go up 30-0 please.

Unless something changes, from watching the scoreboard it just looks like Djokovic is a bit better today.

He’s gonna do it. Nadal is cooked

Djokovic should go for the kill this game.

The match is all but over if Djokovic breaks here.

Nadal getting treatment on his ankle.

Treatment on his soul.

No no that’s not allowed

It’s an old veteran’s trick.

and that’s a wrap.

Let’s go

What a pathetic showing from nadal

Over. This match was so pivotal. Djokovic likely wins his 19th grand slam here at the FO, now, and prevented Nadal from getting his 21st. Djokovic will end up with the most grand slams ever. In all honesty, it should be him. I think that out of Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer, Djokovic’s peak level of play across all the surfaces is the best, and he sustained his peak, or something very close to it, for about a decade if you don’t count injuries and then the brief return after injuries where he was finding his rhythm again.

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Finish him!

Holy shit, double fault? I dont watch much tennis, but glad I tuned into this one

You picked a classic

split fatality GIF by Mortal Kombat 11

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Wasn’t watching, but did Nadal lose on a double fault??