Nadal and his bid for the 2021 French Open title

Nadal is still my favorite and he’s the best on clay EVER, but Djokovic is the best to play the game.

I can’t believe I’m typing this. But Novak djokavic is the greatest tennis player in the history of the sport.

I was witness to 4 GOATS all surpassing each other in order


Djokovic is better and he’s going to beat all the records. He also crushed Fed’s soul a few times when Fed had match point in big matches. Also, Djokovic had to win all his grand slams with Nadal and Federer around.

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I think so too. He has all the tools and has learned to win. He needed to start competing with Nadal on clay though so this win is huge for his legacy.

this should shut down any arguments for Nadal as the goat

I hate to admit it… but you’re right… there is no no way to say fed or nadal are better

Yup, I knew that Djokovic was better than Nadal, peak for peak, but up until today I’d thought there was a decent chance that Nadal finished his career with the most grand slams and thus the GOAT title and status. Today, I know that it will be Djokovic.

What a shame. Really wanted Nadal to seal goat status. 2019 Wimbledon semi-final was also a pivotal game. Nadal had some match points there but ultimately lost the game. Cost him another slam and a non FO win would have improved his legacy.

Vamos Rafa!!

Tsitsipas might give Djokovic trouble. He definitely has a better chance now than against Nadal so he should be fired up.

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This is true. Tsitsipas is not to be counted out. He is legit. I think I said already but I think at some point in the future he will be the best of his time.

Really hate to say it as I have always disliked Djokovic.

However he is definitely the best player there has been so far in the sport in my opinion. Beating Nadal at the French open especially after what happened in the 2020 final is absolutely incredible.

His game is basically flawless. He’s got defense like Nadal, an awesome forehand, an awesome backhand (which really helps to separate him from Nadal and Federer), his cardio is amazing, and his psychology is outstanding. He’s very tough and he rarely gets discouraged/deflated, sometimes he gets pissed off but he doesn’t give up when he gets mad, he keeps pushing. His record over the last ten years, especially when you consider quality of competition, is the best we’ve ever seen.

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Yeah that is true I think he is the most complete player there has ever been. If you really wanted to nitpick you can argue that his volleys and net game are not as good as some other players. His smashes are surprisingly clumsy at times.

However in all other aspects he is a better overall player (in my opinion) than any other player including Federer and Nadal. His backhand and return of serve are the best I have ever seen.

He has dominated Federer and Nadal at their peaks and has done it for a decade. His slams, masters and no.1 ranking records have been done against supposedly the best 2 players there has ever been in the sport.

He could of been going for his 21st slam this sunday had Wimbledon not been canceled last year and he not been unfairly disqualified from the 2020 U.S open.

I wonder how many more he can win?

He can consistently hit hard shots closer to the lines than anyone else I’ve seen, from both sides.

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I still see Djokovic and Nadal as being almost mirror images of each other in a lot of ways. I always see their matches as toss ups. Djokovic is ahead 30-28 in career meetings but Nadal is still ahead 10-7 in grand slams.

The only weakness I’ve ever seen from joker his his mental game. It’s almost a given at least one grand slam a year he completely breaks down mentally.

Fed is still my goat until either one passes him. Obviously joker has the advantage bc of age and it’s hard for me to see Fed winning another GS.

Between Nadal and joker though I would love for Nadal to hold that belt.

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I had this thinking until today. But joker has feds number h2h and now has nadals. I hate joker… but he’s goat. And it’s just a matter of time until he has the slam record as well

I think this is bad from Federer’s perspective. He doesn’t want anyone beating his grand slams record, naturally, but he and Nadal like one another, but he and Djokovic don’t like each other. Federer took a very superior tone toward Djokovic in the early days and it’s going to hurt him to have Djokovic eclipse him.

Agreed. I was a huge Sampras fan during my childhood and playing days. Then and now, huge Federer fan.

But I agree. I don’t particularly like Djokovic, but he is incredible.