NAGA ATLANTA, JONESBORO, GA – Results & Pictures

On Sunday, May 2, 2004 the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) hosted the 2004 NAGA ATLANTA GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIPS in Jonesboro, GA. The event featured 110 Gi & No-Gi divisions of Kids, Teens and Adult competition along with 4 Expert Divisions.


336 Competitors from around the country made the journey to Jonesboro for the 2nd Annual NAGA event in Atlanta almost doubling the amount form the last event NAGA had in Atlanta.

Special thanks to all the staff that made this event run so smoothly, the competitors who were patient and courteous.

We look forward to returning to Atlanta later this year in the November time frame!


Next NAGA Event in the South...

NAGA PRO AM of Grappling

WHEN: SATURDAY, June 26th (8 AM TO 7 PM)
WHERE: Coral Springs Gymnasium, Florida
WHAT: Over 120 Gi & No-Gi Grappling Divisions !
MORE INFO: Kipp Kollar at (860) 632-2753
NO GI DIVISIONS: Use standard NAGA Rules
GI DIVISIONS: Use standard BJJ Rules

Gianni Grippo goes for thew toe hold submission

Nice Arm bar!

Alliance1st Place275Points
McVicker 2nd Place38Points
LA Boxing 3rd Place31Points
Tiger 4th Place28Points
Ground Zero 5th Place19Points
Royce Gracie-Wolfpack 19Points
Smiley Fight Team 7th Place9Points
Grantham MA 8th Place8Points
AFA 9th Place7Points
CCI 7Points
Memphis Judo & JJ 7Points
Renzo 7Points
BJJ Revalation 13th Place5Points
Carlson Gracie Jr. 5Points
Atlanta MA 15th Place3Points
Elite 3Points
Pedro Saur 3Points
Gracie Barra-Tampa 18th Place2Points

Alliance1st Place413Points
LA Boxing 2nd Place89Points
Tiger 3rd Place62Points
None 4th Place39Points
Renzo 5th Place37Points
Hardcore Gym 6th Place35Points
FFA 7th Place28Points
AFA 8th Place25Points
CCI 25Points
Memphis Judo & JJ 10th Place24Points
Royce Gracie-Wolfpack 24Points
Psychward/Lloyd Irvin 12th Place20Points
Francis Fong MA 13th Place17Points
Blaclock's IMB 14th Place16Points
Absolute 15th Place13Points
Ivy League 16th Place12Points
Miletich 12Points
Team ROC 12Points
JKD Extreme 19th Place10Points
Praxis 10Points
Relson Gracie Honorable Mention8Points
Atlanta MA 7Points
Gracie Barra 7Points
H2O 7Points
Southern BJJ 7Points
We're Violent & Good Looking 7Points
Carlson Gracie Jr. 5Points
Ervin Jotatuta 5Points
Ground Zero 5Points
Samuel Puccio BJJ 5Points
BJJ Revalation 3Points
Smiley Fight Team 3Points
BRF 2Points
Clinch 2Points
Elite 2Points

Alliance 1st Place111Points
Royce Gracie 2nd Place46Points
JKD Extreme 3rd Place38Points
Renzo 4th Place34Points
TSK 34Points
None 6th Place26Points
Family MA 7th Place17Points
AFA 8th Place11Points
Bishops 9th Place8Points
Island Boxing 8Points
LA Boxing 11th Place5Points
Ivy League 12th Place3Points
Max Bishop 3Points
Psych Ward 3Points
Fayette Krav Maga 2Points
Smiley Fight Team 2Points


NO-GI Women's Advanced Light Weight
1stAmie TurtonIvy League
2ndNicole CzechowskiHardcore Gym
3rdDee McGlamryAFA
4thAndrea RylesTiger
NO-GI Women's Beginner Light Weight
1stMarcia CraddockRoyce Gracie-Wolfpack
2ndSamantha CraddockRoyce Gracie-Wolfpack
3rdsarah CraddockRoyce Gracie-Wolfpack
NO-GI Women's Advanced Middle Weight
1stTonja IvanovicLA Boxing
2ndMaritery BatistaFFA
NO-GI Women's Beginner Middle Weight
1stMaritery BatistaFFA
2ndHonor BrooksTiger
NO-GI Executive
1stTim KennedyFrancis Fong
2ndBob TaggartAlliance
3rdJim McPhersonAlliance-Jacare
NO-GI Directors Light Weight
1stPat HarveyAlliance-Jacare
2ndAndy HillAlliance
NO-GI Directors Heavy Weight
1stRobert RinnLA Boxing
2ndPaul FragakisTiger
3rdJohn KnudsenLA Boxing
4thGreg JefferLA Boxing
NO-GI Masters Advanced Light Weight
1stPaul ThatcherAlliance-Jacare
2ndRobbie CraddockRoyce Gracie-Wolfpack
3rdJeremy BrownAlliance
4thLarry HughesCCI
NO-GI Masters Beginner Light Weight
1stScott LappasAbsolute
2ndElvis PretrickRelson Gracie
3rdSteve InmanSmiley Fight Team
4thDoug McGiffinClinch
NO-GI Masters Beginner Heavy Weight
1stCaleb SmithH2O
2ndPsych WardErvin JotatutaErvin Jotauta
3rdChristopher GatesNone
4thBrad MerrittLA Boxing
NO-GI Masters Advanced Heavy Weight
1stEdison Brand CruzFFA
2ndOmar LiraTiger
3rdGlenn OrtmanAlliance-Jacare
4thArmando AvecillaAlliance-Jacare
NO-GI Expert 175 & Above
1stDan SimmlerRenzo
2ndSherman PenderrasRenzo-John Rallo
3rdJesse AultMemphis BJJ
4thRory SingerHardcore Gym

NO-GI Advanced Fly Weight
1stCole MillerAFA
2ndEben OrozJKD Extreme
3rdAaron HicksWe're Violent & Good Looking
4thPhilip PetersenSamuel Puccio BJJ
NO-GI Advanced Light Weight
1stDiego SaraivaLA Boxing
2ndMagno GamaRenzo
3rdCliff FretwellLA Boxing
NO-GI Advanced Middle Weight
1stJuan GuevaraTiger
2ndBeau CorbbreyPsychward/Lloyd Irvin
NO-GI Advanced Light Heavy Weight
1stDavid FergusonMemphis Judo & JJ
2ndTony BarkenAlliance-Jacare
3rdTom NguyenLA Boxing
4thMichael IsrealTiger
NO-GI Advanced Heavy Weight
1stMike CiesMiletich
2ndJohn RenkenAlliance-Benning
3rdRoss HagermanHardcore Gym
4thPaul PassmoreAlliance
NO-GI Advanced Super Heavy Weight
1stLamonte TylerTeam ROC
2ndScott BowmanBlaclock's IMB
NO-GI Intermediate Fly Weight
1stBrandon GayLloyd Irvin
2ndDustin BeesonSouthern BJJ
3rdBret TalbatTiger
4thEduardo AugustoAlliance-Jacare
NO-GI Intermediate Light Weight
1stIan McPhersonAlliance-Jacare
2ndMichael CainAlliance-Clemente
3rdChad ShaferHardcore Gym
4thSteven AikensRelson Gracie
NO-GI Intermediate Middle Weight
1stMatt BahntgeNone
2ndBlaine RileyTiger
3rdEric MardisFrancis Fong MA
4thJustin PateLA Boxing
NO-GI Intermediate Light Heavy Weight
1stWeverson CordeiroAlliance-Jacare
2ndClay BrooksNone
3rdDaryl QuinonesAlliance-Team Benning
4thMike IsrealNone
NO-GI Intermediate Heavy Weight
1stDavid HeckAlliance-Jacare
2ndJason GeeLA Boxing
3rdChris CabanCarlson Gracie Jr.
4thDeMarques JohnsonCCI
NO-GI Intermediate Super Heavy Weight
1stNate HorsleyHardcore Gym
2ndJuan GarnierNone
3rdKen CoffeyLA Boxing
4thTiago AlvesBJJ Revalation
NO-GI Beginner Fly Weight
1stScott NicholsonBlaclock's IMB
2ndDavid CurtisAlliance
3rdGarrett KembleLA Boxing
4thDavid MitchellAFA
NO-GI Beginner Light Weight
1stLuke TruittAlliance-Jacare
2ndJuan TatumAlliance
3rdDavid HensonAlliance
4thArturo DiazAddiance-Master
NO-GI Beginner Middle Weight
1stBray DeavoursRenzo Gracie-Atlanta
2ndJason DixonGracie Barra
3rdConn RobinAlliance-Ft Benning
4thJason McCraryNone
NO-GI Beginner Light Heavy Weight (2)
1stCurtis AdamsAlliance-Jacare
2ndAndy GalvaoCCI
3rdMarvin WilliamsNone
4thSimou ParkTiger
NO-GI Beginner Light Heavy Weight
1stAndrew CreeseCCI
2ndHagan ScothenCCI
3rdDerek RiveraLA Boxing
4thSteve AndrewsLA Boxing
NO-GI Beginner Heavy Weight
1stJason GeeLA Boxing
3rdMichael WrightAlliance-Ft Benning
4thMichael DixonGracie Barra
NO-GI Beginnner Super Heavy Weight
1stJay DavisPraxis
2ndRon CreechAtlanta MA
3rdJeremy BrockMemphis Judo & JJ
4thMichael DavidsonBRF

NO-GI Novice Fly Weight
1stDanny ZeitzTiger
2ndDavid MitchellAFA
3rdGarrett KembleLA Boxing
4thFransisco MontijoJKD Extreme
NO-GI Novice Light Weight
1stRoland BellAlliance-Jacare
2ndJimmy CarswellAlliance
3rdLarry JacksonPsychward/Lloyd Irvin
4thHogan LeeAlliance-Jacare
NO-GI Novice Middle Weight
1stWilliam RespessAlliance-Jacare
2ndEzria RichardsonFrancis Fong MA
3rdJoshua BurnesAlliance-Ft Benning
4thScott LappasAbsolute
NO-GI Novice Light Heavy Weight
1stWesley WilliamsAbsolute
2ndJames BarbeeAlliance
3rdJeremy CavianoElite
4thJack KisnerNone
NO-GI Novice Heavy Weight
1stRobert RogersGround Zero
2ndEvin RohrbaughPraxis
3rdMattson KistrupAtlanta MA
4thDillion CrossAFA
NO-GI Novice Super Heavy Weight
1stAdam GreenAlliance-Jacare
2ndJamie MaldonadoNone
3rdJeremy BrockMemphis Judo & JJ
4thWilliam WaiteNone


NO-GI KIDS 43-49.5 lbs Intermediate
1stCooper GarleyTSK
2ndDanny AlnizTSK
NO-GI KIDS Beginner - Intermediate
1stBrendon RemusNone
2ndBritt CarsonAlliance Ft. Benning
3rdLuther FleuryJKD Extreme
4thMichael RiveraJKD Extreme
NO-GI KIDS 43-49.5 lbs Beginner 6-9 yrs.
1stJustin HunterJKD Extreme
2ndRob RushFamily MA
3rdChipper GastonFayette Krav Maga
4thSofia AlanizTSK
NO-GI KIDS 80-90 lbs Intermediate
1stAnthony MooreRoyce Gracie
2ndMatthew LawsonIsland Boxing
3rdMatthew MclendonBishops
4thAlicia AscenziaJKD Extreme
NO-GI KIDS 13 & 14 yrs.
1stAndrew UriaAlliance-Jacare
2ndJesse CraddockRoyce Gracie
3rdElia McNamaraMax Bishop
4thSarah CraddockRoyce Gracie
NO-GI KIDS 6 & 7 yrs. up to 160 lbs all levels
1stCooper GarleyTSK
2ndCarson HendersonAlliance-Jacare
3rdBernardo ChaulAlliance
4thIan InmanSmiley Fight Team
NO-GI KIDS 10 - 12 Advanced
1stGianni GrippoRenzo
2ndAndrew AscenziaJKD Extreme
NO-GI KIDS Beginner all levels
1stDanny AlnizTSK
2ndTyler NortonFamily MA
3rdAmanda EnglandAlliance
4thKarl ConverseFamily MA
NO-GI TEENS Beginner Light Weight
1stChris WestAlliance
2ndCy AllenNone
3rdMicah MillerAFA
NO-GI TEENS Beginner Middle Weight
1stJeff PowerLA Boxing
2ndAlex RivchunPsych Ward
3rdDustin ConkolinRoyce Gracie
4thSamantha CraddockRoyce Gracie
NO-GI TEENS Advanced Light Weight
1stJeremy DoddAlliance
2ndChace WheatonAlliance-Jacare
3rdChris WestAlliance
4thJose ReyesJKD Extreme
1stQwenn ParkerNone
2ndSamantha CraddockRoyce Gracie
GI KIDS Beginner 9 yrs.
1stKarl ConverseFamily MA
2ndDanny AlanizTSK
GI Teen Girls
1stQwenn ParkerNone
2ndSam CraddockRoyce Gracie
GI KIDS Beginner 6 & 7 yrs.
1stCooper GarleyTSK
2ndChristjon RaphaelRenzo
3rdCarson HendersonAlliance
4thSofia AlanizTSK
GI KIDS Beginner 60 to 75 lbs.
1stMax GluckAlliance-Jacare
2ndRob RushFamily MA
3rdTyler NortonFamily MA
4thJoshua GlassAlliance-Jacare
GI KIDS Intermediate 95 lbs. & under
1stAnthony MooreRoyce Gracie
2ndMatthew MclendonBishops
3rdMatthew LawsonIsland Boxing
GI KIDS Intermediate 13 & 14 yrs.
1stAndrew UriaAlliance-Jacare
2ndSarah CraddockRoyce Gracie
3rdBritt LarsonAlliance-Ft Benning
4thBrendan RemusNone
GI KIDS Advanced Heavy Weight
1stMichael McglamryAFA
2ndCorey SaulsJDK Exteme
GI KIDS Advanced 10 to 12 yrs.
1stChris WestAlliance
2ndEvan PartridgeAlliance-Jacare
3rdDeWitte ThompsonRenzo-Atlanta
4thBrian JohnsonRenzo

GI KIDS Beginner Heavy Weight
1stDustin ConkolnRoyce Gracie
2ndTeddy JamesRenzo-Atlanta
3rdSamantha CraddockRoyce Gracie
GI TEENS Beginner Light Weight
1stChris WestAlliance
2ndEvan PartridgeAlliance-Jacare
3rdDeWitte ThompsonRenzo-Atlanta
4thBrian JohnsonRenzo
GI TEENS Advanced Middle Weight
1stCorey SaulsJDK Exteme
2ndGianni GrippoRenzo
GI TEENS Advanced 160 lbs. & under
1stRobert CopherAlliance-Jacare
2ndChris WestAlliance
3rdChace WheatonAlliance-Jacare
4thAmie TurtonIvy League



GI Directors
1stPat HarveyAlliance-Jacare
2ndCharles WispertGround Zero
3rdPaul FragakisTiger
4thAndy HillAlliance
GI Masters Advanced Belt Light Weight
1stJimmy SalamancaMcVicker
2ndDustin RhodesAlliance-Jacare
3rdJeremy BrownAlliance
4thNick GlassAlliance-Jacare
GI Masters Advanced Belt Heavy Weight
1stGlenn OrtmanAlliance-Jacare
2ndBilly FletchorAlliance-Jacare
3rdCasey BaynesAlliance-Jacare
4thChris CabanCarlson Gracie Jr.
GI Purple Belt Light Weight
1stJimmy SalamancaMcVicker
2ndJohn OliverioGround Zero
GI Purple Belt Heavy Weight
1stEmon CopherAlliance-Jacare
2ndHumberto BorgosAlliance-Jacare
3rdDavid FergusonMemphis Judo & JJ
4thMichael ShuttlesworthAlliance-Jacare
GI Blue Belt Light Weight
1stIan McPhersonAlliance-Jacare
2ndJuan TatumAlliance
3rdChris ColquittGrantham
4thMichael CainAlliance-Clemente
GI Blue Belt Heavy Weight
1stJonathan ToakerNone
2ndDavid HeckAlliance-Jacare
3rdJohn RenkenAlliance-Ft. Benning
4thRichard HerndonGrantham MA
GI Blue Belt Super Heavy Weight
1stAdam GreenAlliance-Jacare
2ndScott OlsonMcVicker
3rdKen CoffeyLA Boxing
4thPaul AndersonPedro Saur
GI White Belt Fly Weight
1stCole MillerAFA
2ndDanny ZeitzTiger
GI White Belt Heavy Weight
1stChuck WestAlliance
2ndMichael WrightAlliance-Ft. Benning
3rdRobert RogersGround Zero
4thJalob ScottSmiley Fight Team
GI White Belt Super Heavy Weight
1stJame MaldonadoNone
2ndTiago AlvesBJJ Revalation
3rdRon CreechAtlanta MA
4thMike NadolnyGracie Barra-Tampa
GI Women's White Belt Light Weight
1stSamantha CraddockRoyce Gracie-Wolfpack
2ndMarcia CraddockRoyce Gracie-Wolfpack
GI Executives
1stJim McPhersonAlliance
2ndBob TaggartAlliance
More results to come...

great job!!!!!

Great job everyone!!!

TTT for Mike C.!!! Royce who? ;)

Kipp, get this poor bastard a fight in an MMA event.

I want to see my good friend as light-heavy MMA champ.

Kipp: Didn`t Raphael Assuncao compete? A purple belt 150 from the alliance?

kipp left out my favorite picture:

It looks like he hasn't posted the GI results yet... Raphael did compete and was at the podium...


TTT For a great show!!!

this means that AFA-Praxis is 6th with Hard Core GYm.... 

My team took 6th place. Not bad for a bunch a beginners (with some int and adv thrown in for good measure) whom bumped up and competed in the higher divisions. Way to go team. Great job to all the competitors. NAGA kicks butt.

Nice photos...looks like John Renken is about to tear my leg off in that 2nd photo...thank god i scrambled out :)

Thanks Nick :)


Great Job NAGA

I hope to make it to Fla in june for another

There are some great pics in there. That is my boy Ross doing the belly down armbar. His transition was so freaking sweet.

chris, that is a sick armbar in that picture. it looks like there were some awesome competitiors. i wish i could've seen some of those matches.