NAGA Atlanta

Anyone there? I competed in the Intermiadte divison, 150-159. Got third place, won three matches and lost one. Won my three my two heel hooks and a toe hold, and lost the other match by 2 points.

Remember guys, get out there and compete! People wont ever take us serious if we dont compete!

sweet, i was there too. i lost both my matches. men's intermediate superheavy and mens masters advanced. i'm moving down into heavyweight, too many huge bastards.


I will be competing at superheavy weight aswell in NAGA in chicago.

Any advice? White belt Gi

yes, bring a cot. it takes forever! especially if you are competing in a gi. white belt gi will be dead last. good luck!

I was gonna be there but family obligations came first on that particular day. Hopefully, I can make the next one and hit the one in Columbia too.

Since I assume that you guys are kind of like me and just show up with no team; we can have a "Catch team" representing at these tournaments.

we had 4 at atl. kok and psycho would make 6. the silent army is building.


Yes, it is building.

Nice work guys. Can anyone share with me the details of their typical pre-competition warm-up/rituals? It really sucks warming up, trying to stay warm while waiting, then being tired by the time your match begins!

Also, do you guys prefer competing barefeet or in wrestling shoes?

For warmup, I just stretch and maybe do some squats, sprawls or push ups. I'll also bring a jump rope too.

I prefer to wear wrestling shoes when I grapple. I have been known to switch up and go barefoot sometimes then with shoes other times. I have two reasons for wearing shoes. The first is for traction of course. Some of those mats can be real slippery. The second, and most important to me, is that they help me apply head scissors which is kind of a bread and butter move for me. The head scissor is one of my top 5 moves and gets many of my tap out wins. With the shoes on, I can squeeze REALLY hard and my feet don't slip off like when I'm barefoot.

to warm up i jog until i feel the first break of a sweat. then to stretch i do the "grapplers dozen". i used to go barefoot when i was training in jiujitsu. since i started training in catch i have been in shoes and knee pads. soooo much better for mat burn.
it does suck warming up and waiting forever but everybody's in the same boat. if you win you don't even remember the wait.

Thanks guys!