NAGA CHI - White belt beats black!

BIG Congratulations to Jason from Team Curran (white belt) who beat Pedro Vianna (Carlson Gracie Jr black belt) at the Chicago NAGA advanced No-Gi division this weekend (8 points to 0 points). Although Jason wrestled in college (Div III), he's only been training BJJ for less than 1 year.

For what it is worth, these kinds of threads really bother me. Posting that a white belt beat a black belt is a bit demeaning to the black belt, especially when you list his instructor. Why not just post a thread congratulating Jason and Team Curran without it being at the expense of his opponent and their school? It makes me realize why so many Black Belts avoid competitions. Anyway, congratulations to your friend. My remarks are a personal observation and not meant to be a personal attack on you or Jason.

congrats. how did he score his points?

STFU? Why for sharing an opinion? I have no issue with someone enjoyed a well deserved congratulations. My point is that it didn't have to be done in this manner. Sorry it is offensive to you.

LOL @ Momentum

Aw,let's all cry a river for the poor black belt! Boo-hoo-hoo! A white belt beginner beating a black belt is a signifigant and notable win,and shows that anyone can be beat at any time, Jason should be proud and the black belt should realize it was a wakeup call. Just because you have a black belt doesn't mean you're Bruce Lee or Rickson Gracie, or that you can't be beaten by somone with less training. Goodness what sensitive egos some people have!

Hi Uncle Justice. Thanks for the welcome back comments. The UG always has a lot of opinions and perspectives. That is one of the things I enjoy about it. How is life treating you these days?

Mr. Nemo,

 I don't disagree with your statements.  I am not crying for anyone.  Jason apparently had a great win and I congratulated him for that win.  Martial arts was taught to me in a way that I would have never had expressed a personal accomplishment in a manner that might be perceived as disrespectful to my opponent, his teacher and his school.  I am not saying that was the intent of the person who started this thread.  I am sure his intent was to congratulate a friend.

i tapped a few black belts as a white belt and it happens more than you think in training.but that is ausome in a tourny. this guy wresteled that is a big deal they have a huge advantage in takedowns and he won on points. its impressive but not that rare


 For what it is worth, I would be offended if one of my students made such a post.  I am a BJJ Black Belt.  I think it is as important to teach students life skills as much as martial arts skills.  I have always believed that no personal accomplishment is worth much if it requires you to tear down another to tell people about it.  

  I just had one of my long-term students and training partners win a big Superfight at NAGA event.  I posted a congratulations to him on this site.  I applauded him on his hard work and performance.  I never mentioned his opponent because I didn't feel it was necessary to mention him to  recognize his personal accomplishment.  

  I probably have a very different type of mindset than most people.  I never want anyone to feel that my accomplishments can only be portrayed at the expense of another.  I can tell you as a BJJ Black Belt that I have lost to lower belts and had wins over Black Belts that were known names by most people.  I have never posted any of their names when I competed against them regardless of the result.  Instead, I try my best to say positive things about everyone or say nothing at all.

Gordon Hester

Uncle Justice,

  I am glad to hear you are feeling better.  Back injuries are no fun.  I hope you have a full recovery soon.

Sorry to be a smartass,it's my nature. Actually I think things like this are a good thing,that it could have been a very good thing to have happened to the black belt. We often learn much more by losing than winning all of the time, and it definitely keeps the ego in check,which is always a good thing, and it had to be very encouraging, to say the least, for Jason, to keep training and working hard.

Always good to see Gordon Hester posting. Welcome back!

For the record, I think this thread sucks. We have wrestlers at the Carlson Gracie school who could do the same but you won't find us posting it on the internet. We celebrate TEAM accomplishments in public and individual accomplishments within the school walls. Also, belt level doesn't matter in the no-gi divisions but grappling experience does. Your guy was in the advanced division, apparently has wrestled most of his life and probably had just as good a chance to win the division as any one else. I don't see this as a major accomplishment, and I find your post to be disrespectful.

If it was with the gi it might have been worth posting...

can't compare sub wrestling to BJJ

A collegiate wrestler with a year of bjj isn't a white belt. If he submitted the black belt, that's crazy impressive. But winning on points, probably due to take downs and control, isn't that impressive. That's what college wrestlers do. Kind of a disrespectful thread to start, imo.

I happen to agree big D! I have not been on here in a while and this is the first thread I see. Kind of disapointing, I was thinking I wiuld see some threads about up coming shows or last nights fights. Instead I see this post and it does come off as disrespectful. I dont remember anyone posting anything bad about our teams sweep in the May NAGA, Corral x 3, Chicago combat challenge, TFC, UFC, King of the Cage, WFA etc.. I dont want to start another pissing contest but it kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

Big D. Finally got the back surgery bro. Rolled with big Jimmy yesterday for the first time in a month. Felt great to roll and get back on the mat but since the surgery my flexability has gone to shit!

They wear belts in the Adv. No Gi now? Cool. I thought No Gi didn't have a belt rank. Guess I was mistaken.

dont listen to these haters....i dont care if he'd trained sambo for 30 years wrestled for ten and did judo for 15. for him to beat a blackbelt from carlson either way regardless of what rank is awesome...ttt

It was no gi, it means nothing. Pedro Vianna is a black belt in BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, a sport which uses as completely different set of rules, time limits, and uniforms.

Cochese is correct.

After a chess match....

"White belt beats black belt"

BJJ black belt has been playing checker for years but got beat 9 times in a chess match by a white belt

After a swimming meet

"White belt beat BJJ black belt by a mile"

BJJ black belt lives next to the beach, but couldn't make up for the difference in skill and gets beat

After NAGA

"White belt beats 9th Degree BJJ Black Belt"

White belt and NCAA champion totally destroys 9th Degree BJJ black belt (who is 78 years old)....

Look, at the end of the day, sub wrestling is sub wrestling and brazilian jiujitsu is a jacket wrestling martial art. Which means, there are various reasons for promotion - some are skill based and some are knowledge based.

I know your post was intended to be one of "bringing to light" a great accomplishment of your friend, but you have to be somewhat more humble in your approach. It's like Yoshida losing an MMA fight and the winner says that he beat a Judo Olympic Gold Medalist. :-) Hell, Yoshida will always be an Olympic Gold Medalist, but he earn that claim in 1992. So, we must temper our writing with good sense.

And let's be honest, when you line up against a BJJ guy - you know he's a black belt in BJJ - the black belt doesn't know (most of the time) that the person he's fighting has NCAA experience.

With all that being said. Congrats to your friend, but he didn't beat a BJJ black belt in BJJ - He beat him at "chess". ;-)