naga chicago results?

anyone has?

still waiting- has sleddog gotten any calls?

I left at 7pm and the gi part had not even started yet. Shirmer lost to Ives by rear naked choke at about 3 minutes. It started 2 hours late.

7pm, wow!...A lot of guys from our school were competing in both gi and no gi divisions.

They had 9 rings but only 3 were going at a time.

anything else?

Jens Pulver beat Marcos Damatta in an exciting match.

Macros had a tight as hell triangle on Pulver, but Pulver hid his arm. Marcos then went to switch off to either a reverse triange or oomaplata, thats when Pulver busted out. It was tied up in overtime and Pulver got a takedown into a bannana splits(!!!) for the win.

Jeff Monson won the pro heavy division.

Bob Shermer lost to Danny Ives in their superfight. Ives swept Shermer, got a point for a nearly getting a heal hook, passed guard, got back mount and finished with a choke. Very dominating.

John Stutzman beats Jeff Curran! Awsome match, was going VERY even. Stutzman got a takedown with like 10 seconds to go in overtime and won it!

Right after Stutzman beat Curran, Jorge Gurgel gave Stutzman his blackbelt! Stuzman is now officially Gurgel's first black belt.

Some purple belt lasted 8 minutes without tapping vs Wade Rome and won $3000 for doing that.

Fabio Holanda shared first place under 174 pro. No other info received.

Was it Ryan Paterson from Curran/Sauer? Wearing a white Koarl gi?

I'd heard a lot about how organized NAGA events are but NAGA Chicago was just as messed up as every other midwest tournament we've been to.

Several of my students waited 10 hours for their division to start. We had three separate incidents of the score keeper giving points to the wrong competitor. The referee did it right, the score keeper wrote it down wrong.

Good matches though. Anybody else?


ttt for more results

How about purple belts fighting white belts? This happened 2 times that I saw. Grand Master Carlson Gracie freaked out when a purple belt fought a 16 year old white belt. Now thats just wrong.

Yes it was Ryan from Curran's school

COOL that dude is bad ass and cool as hell. He's about to graduate and I'm sure he could use the cash. Can you describe the fight?

NAGA has a lot of problems they seem to like avoiding, I guess now the midwest sees this

Event was FAR larger than anticipated. I think it will be a two day event next year.

Is this a growing trend?
Grappling events being larger than anticipated?
That was a problem at the Arnolds too, wasn't it?


The event did take a lot longer than I thought it would, I think there were a few positives, NAGA was trying to run it as smoothly as possible! Good sportmanship all around. I had heard about the sandbagging and there was plenty of it! The biggest divisions with the most competitors were in the beginers and intermediate no gi divisions! Many of the guys in intemediate should have been or could have been in the advance divisions.
I heard complaints from others about a lot of that going on in the Gi divisons as well!

I competed in the masters advanced no Gi division for old guys like me 30-40 175lb and over, I lost on points.

I was surprised how few competitors were in that divison compared to the intermediate and beginers!

That being said, Chicago and the midwest showcased some great local talent that often gets overlooked, especially since east and west coast scene tend to get a lot more coverage!

There were some great matches in the "superfights"
especially the Pulver vs.ATT Brazilian guy forgot his name! The Jack Micviker JKD/BJJ VS. the ATT BJJ guy was one of the better superfights! I thought Jack won but they judge called it in favor of the ATT guy!
Congradulations to my training partner Augie Rodriguez for taking 2nd place in the Men's advance No Gi heavy weight! And for placing in the Gi purple and blue belt divisons!

Ryan Patterson did a great job in avoiding the submission. I had a very tight choke on him for the last 15 or so seconds of the fight. During the rest of the fight he employed a smart and conservative strategy.

I have no idea how he did not tap other than by sheer willpower. Normally when I apply that choke, it is two or three seconds at most before someone taps or goes to sleep.

It was hilarious to hear a thousand or so people count down from 10. I believe that kept Ryan hanging in there (that and the 3k hanging on it). It is the first time I felt as though EVERYONE in the gym was rooting against me. ;}

Ryan told me after the fight "his face was being crushed and he could not breathe" but there was NO WAY IN HELL he was tapping.

Thanks to Oxydol & Kipp for allowing me to participate in such a fun match and congrats to Ryan for hanging in there.

Wade Rome

Something to mention Ryan had just finished competing and winning in his purple belt division! Then four minutes later he's competing against Rome and giving up 100lbs!