it was a treat to finaly have a NAGA event here in the
midwest and especialy here in chicago.

it was unbelievable from start to finish. kipp and the NAGA crew did a wonderfull job.

we were treated to some incredible super fights and
some unreal grappling matches. it was great to see
all the big names there supporting the event and the competitors. carlos gracie sr and jr, tim sylvia, dino costas, bob schirmer, att, btt and on and on.

the pro divisons were awsome. the super fights were insane.

cassca grossa rocks. i could go on and on, but i must continue working.

it was a great event and i hope to see NAGA here again soon.

ttt for NAGA anywhere! :)

Chris, Congrats for your kid and all your students. You have a great team!



For all your fight needs!


Event would not, could not have happened without
the expert assitance of Team Combat Do, Chris
Dranka above all.

TTT it was a great event

Casca-grossa rocks

On behalf of myself ( Michael Patt ) and Redox Brands CEO ( Rich Owen ) we would like to say Thank You to everyone for your support of the NAGA Chicago. This was OXYDOL's first sponsored tournament and is far from being the last! We were very impressed with the turnout and quality of competition for this tournament. We would also like to give a congratulations to Ryan Patterson of Team ( Jeff Curran ) for being our 1st $3000 Biz-OXYDOL CHALLENGE winner! The next OXYDOL sponsored event will be the OHIO PRO-AM June 26th. We are greatly anticipating the next winner of our OXYDOL Challenge!



Wade Rome & Ryan Patterson

greatcornholio, yes it was for finishing in the top ten
kids under 14 yrs old. he also won both his advanced divisons. winning all of his matches via submisions.

Thanks Chris it was a great event and great time in Chicago. Thanks to Combat Do - you guys were great hosts! John Hagopian

Where can I find the results?


Thanks to everyone for putting on this event. Master
Bob's efforts to bring tournaments to the Chicago
area are much appreciated. My only suggestion for
next time is maybe have weigh ins the day before and
the day of, just to avoid a long line for us hungry
fellas. Also, I was a little disappointed in the
number of people in the advanced divisions, I figured
my division would be the most stacked (179 lbs. 3+
years experience) but I think most people opted for
the intermediate divisions.

It was my first experience with NAGA and thought that the event was awsome

I had alot of fun with this match. I would love to do another one sometime. Congrats to Ryan and thanks to Kipp, Rich, & Michael for the opportunity.


PS - Could someone e-mail this picture to me . I have tried several PC's and a mac and I cannot view it. I simply get a red X.

My e-mail address is Thanks.

Who was the guy walking around in the red karate gi with the black belt? He was at mat 4's table for a while.

What were the results of the "super" fights?
I heard Master Bob lost, can it be true?!?!?!

NAGA CHICAGO was awesome...great to see all you guys...i can't wait until the next one!


TTT for a great event it was great to see everyone there.




He was at my ring (ring 8) for a while as well. Did you check out his Cell Phone cliped to his Black Belt???