How many people are expected to go to this tournament and who here is going?

I would guess about 4-500 easy

I'm going, should be fun. no idea on the number.

have heard that naga is growing nicely and some are starting to suggest that they may need to start doing two day events. Although this one won't be.

They have a two day event they do in March (NAGA Worlds), and I think in October (NAGC).

But I dont think they have Two days event outside of the NY,NJ,CO area.

We had a 2 day one here in Florida last summer and it was awesome, they had TWO rooms with mats going at one point.


DMAN!!! How did I forget about that! I compeated in two divisions at that event & I was a Ref.

I has too much of a good time to realize I compeated over two days!

Dustin Ware

i am going, and i can not wait. only my second tournament.

I'll be there. what's up Dustin?How's the new school/job?

Hey Don!

The school is doing well. We have Jorge coming in this weekend, so everyone is excited to meet and train with him. My classes stay about 10-12, but I have had 15 on some nights.

The only thing is I dont have any "big bodies" to really push me, so when I meet guys like you, it is hard to adjust. I will manage:-(

So, how is your train from Monson going? Well, I am sure. Are you still doing the 8-Man at NAGA?

Talk to you later,


ps. Work is still work! They ahve me going out to LA, Portland, and somewhere in MN...over a two day span!

I will be attending. I look forward to it.

10-12 guys is awesome dude that's a busy night for my school.It's tough finding training partners especially 250+ I've been blessed recently with a pretty good crop of 200+lbers.Training for my fight with Jeff has been going great now I just want to get it over with know what I mean?I'm definitely still in the 8 man at NAGA but I'm focusing on the fight.Take care bro see you down there.


Sounds Good Don!

See you there!


Hey guys this is my first NAGA...are they real strict about wearing a cup and a mouthpiece? I haven't worn a cup for a long time, they bug the hell out of me.

I know it is in the rules, so have them both just to be on the safe side!

might as well bring them both. I've been to 2 NAGAs and have never worn a cup. Normally I wear a mouth piece, but I've forgotten to a couple times too. Anyways you think the ref wants to touch your crotch to check if everything is in order. :)

GOOD LUCK JEFF and American Top Team

mike Yanez

TTT one week left folks and it looks like its goin to be a monster.

Cant Wait!!!

Wish I could go, injured myself bad at the last local tourney and I'm still hurting.

is anybody bringing down some kids for naga chicago?