NAGA Florida June 26-Superfights??

Has Kipp announced any Superfights for next months NAGA in Florida yet?

Everyone knows the story about Kipp Kollar and Rickson Gracie..

Due to this...Kirik and I will be taking on Kipp in a handicap match...j/k

I have heard rumors about the June 26 NAGA...maybe Kipp will come on here and shed some light..should be some awesome superfights!!!!




I think it's me vs. Mike Ciez, but I'm not sure.

chris - you should fight hagopian insted - he said he will break you!

lol Chris...missed ya in Chicago man

You in for Florida?


I believe at the Coral Springs Gymnasium


The Cannon would love to be a Superfight.

Diego would love to have one also.

with all the talent, i'm sure any superfights down there are going to be awesome. and yeah Mike, I plan on making the trip for this one.


Wut up Cannon? Mike, is Kipp using our mats again? He hasnt called me or anything. Do you know what's up?

I want a superfight! Mike see if you can get kippster to set us up against each other in a superfight.

Not sure if Kipp is using the mats or not, i haven't heard of anything regarding that. I'm sure he'll be in touch. Good to hear from you, see ya in a month.

Palmquist, did you get my message today? lol

Charles, i'm pretty sure Kipp isn't doing individual superfights but he might be having 3 4 man superfight divisions or something like this...ask him if you can get in.

I feel special that you challenged are not allowed to crash at my apt. now :)