Who's going to compete and from what school?

I'll be there representing Pedro Sauer - Phoenix Martial arts

We have 14 guys from our school going (BJJ Revolution Team Alabama), but I will be in DC enjoying non-jiu-jitsu activities.

well i know no one from alliance, knuckle up, or tiger is going. gonna be a smalll tournament. should just stay at home.

video was better when they did it on the Man Show.

Why is no one from knuckle up, alliance or tiger going? Something else going on this weekend?


And who's knuckle up?

saw a commercial for knuckle up on during the Ultimate Fighter show - Knuckle Up is Velocity renamed.

That is three of the major schools in Atlanta that are not going.


He's being sarcastic. I know for a fact Alliance has a bunch of guys going.

sorry guys i was just fucking around. a little delerious from finals this week haha. kip is probably having a heart attack about this.