NAGA in Illinois

I had a great time at the NAGA event in Cicero Illinois last Saterday. Saw a lot of great matches from little kids to old guys (like me). Even though it was very crowded, the event moved along nicely all day. I got to talk to Kirik. (he was one of the refs).And if I can brag a little, I took first place in both of my events. (50 and over gi and no-gi)


Congrats :)


As a ref, Chicago is one of my favorite tournaments because the fans and competitors are generally laid back and don't yell at me too much :)



Congratulations man!

I had a good time as well. But the waiting sucks.

Way to go Jeff!

I was just out in Chicago too.. wish I could have been there. I was holding shopping bags walking down the Magnificent Mile.

Thanks again guys. Hey Jeff. I thought I might see you up there. I did talk to James.
Yea, that was a pretty long day. I got there about 9:30 in the morning and left about 7:00 that evening and there were still matches going on. I didn't really mind though. I like being around jiu-jitsu so it was a pretty good way to spend my day.