NAGA/Reality Fighting Results?

Post what you know guys.

Advanced Men's No-Gi Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs.)

1st place Vazha Iormashvil (Maguilla BJJ)

Intermediate Men's No-Gi Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs.)

1st place John Cholish (Cornell Wrestling)


1st place nogi advanced 190-199 Nolan Dutcher
1st place purple belt 200 + Nolan Dutcher
1st place nogi intermediate 190-199 Keith berish
1st place novice 200-225 Steven edwards
3rd place nogi advanced 170-179 James Lininc


Nolan Dutcher always cleans house at NAGA, he's got enough swords for a small army, nice job.

i respect the shit outta nolan and his guys

way to rep nolan.are you going to ithica next weekend

Thanx Brian! BTW- i got ur PM but i got a wedding that weekend, but if any of my guys wanna go ill let u know.
Spiegal- Ill b in lake georgo on the 12th.I tried callin your cell but couldnt get u.Gimme a call.

my name is spelled right on my log in.and yet you have never got it right

Ryan Hall won the absolute. That kid is incredible. He tapped out two huge sub wrestlers. I would guess he's about 150lb.

Cynthia Orourke 1st place womens blue belt, 2nd place womens no gi advanced div.

Brandon Grodzynski 2nd place in intermediate mens no gi I think.

Anthony D'Angelo beat Tom Gallechio by armbar. From what I was told Anthony hit a sick flying round kick.

Eddie Fyvie beat Khristian Geraci by triangle. Khristian resisted the take down for awhile but Eddie finally secured it and was able to get the tap.

Lamont Lister beat Bryce Harrell by TKO in round 2. Look for Lamont in RF14, the kid is tough. Harrell should heart but in the end Lister was too much.

George Sullivan vs. Rob Russo was declared a no contest when Sullivan delivered an illegal knee to the head. The strike was inadvertant, George threw the knee as Russo was shooting in. Look for this rematch at RF14.

Jonathan Helwig beat Mike Constantino by anaconda choke. I heard Helwig looked very good, congrats! Look for Constantino to fight again at 205.

Jim Miller claimed the vacant featherweight title by armbarring Mushin Corbbrey. Miller has definitely proven himself to be a force in the MMA scene. The kid has been training under two years (though he does have a wrestling background) and keeps improving by leaps and bounds every fight. I have known Mushin since back in the WEF days and he has always been a tough competitor, so Jimmy being able to tap him says a lot. Look for big news about Jimmy's next fight in RF14 in the near future.

Frank Edgar takes the lightweight title from Deividas Taurosevicius by unanimous decision. I barely had time to watch any fights but made it an absolute priority not to miss this fight. I am glad I did not. This was by far one of the best fights I have seen! Frankie had the upper hand throughout most of the fight but Deividas would take punishment then slap on a guillotine or gain mount or land a big punch and get himself right back in there. In the end though, Frankie controlled the fight, landed more strikes and walked out the champion. Congrats to both guys, what a fun fight.

Mike Massenzio defeated Dante Rivera to take the middleweight title. Massanzio is a phenomenal wrestler that has shown he can control anyone on the ground once he put them there. This fight was basically three rounds of Massenzio taking Rivera down, landing shots, and Dante trying to work submissions from the bottom. This was a strong win for Massenzio.

The next NJ show will be Reality Fighting 14. It will take place on 11/18 in Atlantic City. I am already excited about this card! Look for photos from RF13 soon at