NAGA Roll Call!

Allright, whose going?

I plan on Master's NO-GI <155 and "regular" NO-GI at <160. If it doesn't take all day, I'll do the GI tournies, too.

LOL @ FCFBlazer!!!

I'll be there. Gotta make sure to wear something else now that I've been exposed.

potty training!!

I think I just got slammed by a midget...

yep to both.

Besides, at my age there is no more training of that type; it just depends...

I CAN'T be the only one going...

C'mon, how many AL people are going?

so...who's going?

We have about 5 guys, including myself, John Salter, Shannon, and Rodney (upper belts). We have about 3-5 lower belts going, too.

Watch the experience classes. "Expert" is now only 5 years of experience, so ALL the old sombo guys I know of should be in the expert division....LEIF! I just made the cut for "advanced" ( though I don't feel very advanced ).

People sandbag at NAGA? Say it ain't so!

17 years of amateur wrestling just makes it easier for me to get caught in a triangle! Just like NAGA '05

your mom


By that definition, I'm still a novice.

Sat. Still not sure if I am going to compete! I have food poisoning so....... are writing this from your toilet with your laptop?

yesterday morning was the mud slide, yesterday evening was the praying to the porcelin gods, now I made it into work, just sipping on 7 up. Haven' eaten in almost 24 hours. I feel horrible!

*NOTE: I can access the UG from my blackjack while sitting on the can!

Gives a new meaning to crackberry...

Off topic. Hiza, how is the practice going?

Very well, thanks! I do a little bit of everything, but I won't touch taxes, bankruptcy, or real estate closings.

Are you out on your own or still with the court?