NAGA Roll Call!

no RE closings? that means we can't do business!

I am joining a firm here in HSV in July and I will be doing taxes(1031 exchanges), bankruptcy(collections), and real estate closings.

When I get over there I will send you a card with my office info.

Please do. I'll be sure to forward anything I can to you, up there. I've currently got a felony case in Guntersville, so I'm up there more frequently than I used to be.

About the business, if you think someone poisoned you, let's SUE SOMEBODY!!

Hell yes! Lets sue some redneck trash in podunk AL. Oh, and bring me some deposits! Banks love deposits! 1031 exchange money also likes to be held at my bank!

with all the conspiracy's of the missing threads and the bannings, I wouldn't be suprised if someone from our lovely UG Community poisoned me! Afterall, who doesn't want to knock off a LEGEND?

~FCFlazer - MMA.TV AL Forum LEGEND

Respected Forum member Hiza Geri takes 2nd in the masters gi division at NAGA this weekend!!! THis is your official congratulations for the MMA.TV AL Forum LEGEND ~FCFBlazer!!!!!!

Nothing special, believe me.

The REAL props should go to:

John Salter, Expert No-Gi Div. Winner (got a cool looking belt) This was John's FIRST submission grappling event.

Rodney Jefferson, Masters Expert No-Gi Div. Winner (also got a belt) AND Masters Advanced Gi Div. Winner (they wouldn't give someone two belts, but he won a second belt)!

Awesome. I didn't know Rodney competed! So three belts (UFC lookin replicas that say NAGA) went to BJJ Revolution? Big props to Phillip, John, Rodney and Samuel and his BJJ Revolution Team!!!!!

edited to account for three belts!

3 belts; Rodney won 2 and John won 1.