NAGA worlds. What did you think

So what did everyone think? As usual NAGA ran a great tourny. I am not so sure I like haveing gui and no gui on the same day though. The tourny ran long and the refs seemed to be exhausted. I had a great time even though I lost a controversial first round fight. Controversial to me i am sure my opponent would say otherwise ha ha. I look forward to competing at NAGA in Atlanta, I think in May. How was everyone elses experience? Do you agree that it is a mistake to run both events on the same day? I do not want to seem like I am complaining. NAGA is one of the best things to happen to BJJ. Keep up the good work.

My only problem is that if the flyer says "starts at 10am sharp!" it should start at that time. I have no problems with long running tournaments, but if we know that it really wont start until 1pm, then lets say it starts at 1pm. My division was supposed to start at 3pm I think, I showed up at 4pm, and didnt start my first match until after 9pm.

What devision did you compete in lougod? Im just asking cause I also competed at 9:00 PM and fought in the white belt cruiserweight devision.

I had a great time and myself and my team did well. However, the line at registration was a total cluster fu*k, The gym was hot as balls, and parking around the venue sucked. Can't wait for wildwood.

I think it started so late due to the parking problem. All of the other naga events Ihave gone to have started reasonably on time and have ended by 7:00 or so. If they continue to run both divisions on the same day for the big tournys I will have to consider my options. It is OK when you have 300-500 competitors but once you get in the 1,000 range I feel it is too much in one day. Especially for the refs. My ref seemed like a real nice guy but he blew two calls probably due to lack of focus after 10 hours of reffing. I have reffed wrestling so I do not blame him at all. 10-14 hours of reffing is just to much for anyone.

Absolutely no points should been awarded against you Irish even the guy you fought was straight up and really cool about it.

WEIRD!!!! relson gets bashed for the same thing kip gets praised for. i guess it depends on who your friends are on the forum.

I dont understand your post? Have you been to a NAGA event? There is no comparison to the fiasco that the arnolds nationals have been. Yes this NAGA ran late and started late but that is the first time I have seen this occur at a NAGA event. Also remember these events are four to five times bigger than the Arnolds...

Thanks JD Hurst,

We will get them next time. Thanks for your support it meant a lot. Manhattan was a a great night out so the trip was not a total waste.

My division was light-heavy weight, blue belt.

 I would say that the tournament does run smooth when it actualy starts.  But it runs slow.  I was at Naga back in November (east coast championships maybe?) and that one also ran 4 or 5 hours behind.  Maybe they should be two days.   I dont know.  If Naga worlds had started ontime, people would have been out of there by 8pm.  
 I have heard before that people arent getting there on time and that they have to wait for people to get there etc etc.  But if you go to say ...a judo tournament, if it says that it starts at 10am, it starts at 10am.  There is no waiting for people to arrive, and if you miss your weigh ins or your division, thats your fault.

It was run very well for the amount of competitors.

That being said, with the ease of on-line registration, I think tournaments should start moving toward an "pre-registration only" format. I know that a lot of their profit comes from walk-ins currently, but after a few tournaments, people would get the hang of it, and I think nearly as many would make sure they pre-registered.

We are trying to do more motavational stuff to encourage pre reg next year at the Bud World Cup. I think pre reg is a good way to go but most simply do not. Other than Brazil Mundials, I never Pre reg for any other tourneys I did, so I can relate. On the other hand it helps make a better ran event to pre register.

For anyone who waited for hours and hours and hours at the
event, you have my sympathy. The same event last year was
underattended, and we got out at 5:30 pm. Kipp assumed the
same thing would happen again, and mentioned that we did
not even need hotel rooms Saturday night, but could instead
drive home.

It was only when pre reg were through the roof that it became
clear that the event might greatly surpass the previous year.
But even then, Kipp offered 10 bucks off to pre reg (instead of
a free t) so it could have been that.

Even as late as it was, it took the UTMOST effort from the
entire NAGA staff to pull it off.

Without a doubt, next year will be a two-day event.

I think that next time i plan to go i'll check the validity of my passport slightly sooner os i can renew it in time :o(

"For anyone who waited for hours and hours and hours at the event, you have my sympathy. The same event last year was underattended, and we got out at 5:30 pm. " Dude it was a 2 day event last year and the saturday didn't finish until almost 11pm. The gi was underattended tho. Are you thinking of a different event?