Nage Komi is a must for high level judo.

Has anyone worked Nage Komi into their training regimen? I have been implementing it into the training I've the past week and still have to get used to the dizziness... Any thoughts? Phone Post

how could anybody become even "piss poor" at Judo and not do thousands of nage komi?????

Joshua, what are you referring to? Phone Post

YOu can do a drill similar to nage komi where you throw a line of partners maybe 3-4 times each on a crash pad with full force. That way your partner doesn't take the brunt of the throw and you completely follow thru. Or you can do 2 or 3 uchikomi's and throw completely on say the 4 uchikomi. Judo doesn't have to be hard core unless you are a top level player.


I can't remember a class where we didn't do nage komi. Tori is practicing his throw, I'm being a good uke and practicing my ukemi. It's just how you learn.. (or at least how I learned.)