Nakamura dominated Busta

In the end we all know Nakamura proved himself a better fighter than Bustamante which is what matters in the end.  Maybe a future Pride star in the making...

we could argue semantics but i wont cause we all have different views on the meaning of words.

naka vs busta was more akin to tito vs randy, randy dominated tito but didnt hurt him or come clode to finishing him. I think the same applies to naka and busta except that i beleive naka did more damage. It wasnt like hughes vs charuto, nakas punches visilby slowed busta and imo did hurt him.

Ok, distort was the wrong word but it left out the real meat of the match.

he wasnt mounted but was taking a serious beating from the guard, nog was never mounted either. Nowadays fighters are perfectly content with bashing people from guard rather than having to pass (which comes at a much heavier cost to ones stamina).

I'd say if that fight went one more round then naka had a good chance of stopping busta

Nak won, but never once really hurt Bustamante or came close to finishing. "Dominated" is a bit of an overstatement.

busta was gassed and was taking repeated shots to the face, he was hurt and was resigned to losing, one more round and i'd say naka would be walking away with a tko victory

why is the mount position so important to you, this isnt a bjj competition, if he doesnt use it to finish then its no better tahn teh guard.

Notice how teh need breed of g+p'ers seem to prefer the guard and half guard to strike from than traditionally viewed strong points such as sidemount and mount.

I think Busta had the advantage standing up. I also think Nakamura was landing big shots and trying to end the fight. I wasn't bored in the least. I don't think one fighter looked much bigger than the other. Busta was sure a lot taller than Naka. If anyone believes that Nakamura was bigger than Busta, they should look at a picture of the fight.


Actually this is a win for Busta.

Due to the large weight difference (23 kg), Nakamura declared that if Busta could survive even 10 minutes in the ring, he would consider him the winner.

That is a scientific fact.

Domination's kinda strong

I called Nak over Busta because Nad had crazy hair.

Seriously, LOL!


So I think this proved Nak is on the level and Busta was def. not on top of his game then but Nak took it to him none the less, when as Goku mentioned, everyone thought Nak would get schooled though dominated may not be the right way to describe it.

LOL at the 23kg difference, just lol. if anyones feeling generous. I have goodies in return.

BJJ vs Judo....Who wins..?


Nak is a top 10 LHW IMO

wins over Busta, Randleman and Igor.. and a split with Rogerio.

agreed. Nakamura is a boring as shit fighter, kinda like arona in his earlier days. He lacks the explosive power to break into the top 5. He's still top 10 based on the quality of wins though.

He went for tons of subs against Igor.

Had a couple nice throws against Randleman of all people, aswell as that double arm trapping cross mount (ala Hughes/Newton II) though Randleman got out, aswell as a hammerlock that Randleman squeeked out of.

He throws good GNP, GNP to hurt, not just to distract.

Likes to stand and throw with the best of them.

Not nearly as boring as you think.