Nakamura vs Challid Arab

Who wins

nakamura seems to have improved a great deal since his loss to regerio and actually looked half decent, instead of the kicks that most japanese grapplers turned strikers tend to use he has got fairly powerful punching.

I don't really know much about challid arab but horn didnt finish him so he must be decent.

Arab is a stud. He will be very, very well-known in the near future.


Agree with promoter, nakamura is pretty good, not great,but I think arab would KO him if he tries to trade.

Chalid is one of the very few people that has actually been able to hurt and knock Jeremy Horn down in an MMA fight. His striking is dangerous, and his sub attempts are actually pretty good as well.

One thing though ... unless his opponent really puts a lot of pressure on, and comes forward the whole time ... Chalid can actually turn into a counter fighter, and just stand there waiting for something to happen (like the Pedro Rizzo/Yves Edwards syndrome). Maybe he will abandon that style for his fight against Nakamura though ... let's all hope so.

This bout may turn out to be a barn burner. I still think Nakamura should be considered the favorite.

Chalid has been helping to train several other Golden Glory fighters like Heath, Leko, and Allister Overeem, in addition to working his own game. Nice win over Rodney Faverus, yet close. Faverus is no slouch either.

Hoping that Chalid gets to show why he's known as "Die Faust" (The Fist).