Naked Into The Wilderness - Video Goldmine!!

In recent years I've been getting more and more interested in the history and practical application of primitive skills as it regards survival and a less dependent, more sustainable way of life. And John and Geri McPherson have been names I constantly hear mentioned whenever the topic of primitive comes up. Don't know a helluva lot about them other than reading through one of their books a long time ago. But being lucky enough to stumble onto these videos and seeing them doing this stuff real time is just great. They have real skills and a matter of fact attitude about things that make this stuff seem easier than has been my (novice) experience. I havent' watched them all yet, but I'm amazed at some of the things they do that I would/have never thought of before. And they do it with an ease/mastery that lets you know they ain't playin'! lol

Primitive Wilderness Skills Applied -

Primitive Fire and Cordage -

Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters -

Breaking Rock(Knapping) Part 1 -

Breaking Rock(Knapping) Part 2 -

The Primitive Bow and Arrow -

How to Construct the Asiatic Bow -

Dear From Field to Freezer -

Brain Tan Buckskin -

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Only partially through the first vid, but this is awesome. Thank you!

Great! Thanks!


awesome post...thanks!

No worries. Happy to share it with people of like minds.

It's a lot to watch, but are there any favorite skills/videos yet? The one on primitive shelters is probably my favorite, though I'd really like to see an indepth resource/instructions on how to build the type I've seen(via video) at Tom Brown's place, as well as the one at the Kierikki center in Finland. Something capable of all-season/all-climate living and, hopefully, somewhat bear(grizzly) proof.





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I have these on DVD. John McPherson has crazy eyes but is very knowledgeable. After many,many unsuccessful attempts before, his bow making vid helped me finally make a working bow. Also best instruction on cordage I've seen. All the info in these vids is top notch from people who have actually lived it.