Naked Samurai

This is actually a serious thread, that brought up a couple of issues for me:

According to the NY Daily News, some crazed fellow stripped completely nude in his apartment yesterday, got his katana and wakizashi, and proceeded to hack his wife to death. According to a witness who ran up to the apartment when he heard the noise, the door was ajar, and the woman was on the floor bleeding, with her head almost severed completely, and her left hand was cut off...while naked psycho stood over her.

The witness ran back to his apt, and called 911. When LEO arrive, they run up to the apartment, knock on the door, and are greeted by, the maniac. They tell him to drop his weapons, but he proceeds to scream "I'm God!! I'm God!! You can't kill me!!" They shoot him about 14 times. From what I read, the LEO ends up shooting their partner in the chest and knee. The LEO who got shot survived, due to their vest.

Upon further reading, the wife is dead. One of the swords actually BENT due to the force that was used on her. And, after being shot 14 times, the naked dude is ALIVE in a hospital. After blood testing, they found NO drugs in his bloodstream.

What disgusts me most is that this guy, according to the article, is a BLACK BELT in some system.


Here are my thoughts/questions:

- I can't believe that someone deemed this fellow fit to be a black belt!! To me, that rank is the symbol of the perfect union between martial skill AND martial responsibility. I was dumbfounded to find out he was a martial artist, let alone a black belt.

- Here's a prime example, also, of specific issues that most lay-people aren't aware of with regards to weaponry: psychology. The fact that the officer ended up hitting their partner in the process shows, to me, how the adrenaline dump affects the individual REGARDLESS of the seeming superiority (firearm over edged weapon) of their weapon. Also, the fact that the perp LIVED is very telling.

Well, maybe before he went off the deep end he might've been a disciplined & upstanding person. Or he got his belt from a catalog or mcdojo somewhere.

I don't think that's what Tony Blauer means when he talks about the "naked warrior principle".

4 R,

great post/thoughts/q's!

did the article mentioned he recently got his bb, what made him go psycho, etc? maybe he got it ages ago, maybe his wife cheated on him, maybe he lost his job and they were about to be evicted, etc. like what glock4life posted.

he snapped. that's part 1. part 2 - cops shooting their own - i don't know, but i would venture a guess that u r correct.

For what it's worth...the cop who shot the other one was a woman.

Women don't belong behind the badge.

Word on the street is, he was asking her about doing a threesome and she refused.

Well that is freakin crazy...The sword bending since it's of course a replica katana is normal....but wow i didn't think he would be able to cut up with one such as that. It reminds me a story i saw on a cop program years ago, where this old guy went inot the street with a sword and blocked up traffic. He claimed he was an immortal and begged the police to shoot him. Well the cops blasted his crazy ass with gas and took him out with what have well all learned there?

Did the old guy with the sword yell, "There can only be one" before the cops gassed him?

I think I saw that one... was that in New Zealand?

I don't remember the guy being at all old. the one I saw featured a young, longhaired "swordsman" claiming to be immortal in the middle of an intersection. The cops there tried all sorts of stuff to stop him... they tried getting his girlfriend to negotiate with him, they drove up an APC with a hidden pepper-spray launcher in it (!) which he dodged (!!), and what finally got him was a K-9 dog (!!!) which pinned his sword arm long enough for the wall of riotshields and batons to move up.

The bit that struck me about this whole incident was that there was this huge crowd gathering, and while the cops were trying to figure out what the heck to try next, the crowd started CHANTING -- "We're Bored, Use The Sword" -- over an over. (!!!!)