Name 5 NonBJJ Grapplers you want to train with?

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MurdochIRL - I know it is sacrilegious to look outside of BJJ for grappling skills BUT what 5 nonBJJ grapplers would you like to train with?

My list:


Imanari (he may actually have a BJJ BB but his style is very unique so he makes my list)


Aleksandr Karelin

Matt Hume or Rico Chiparelli or Greg Jackson

saku dont count he was trained by a bjj traitor from brazil to win his fights against the gracies

 Are you talking about Sergio Penha? Far from a bjj traitor lol

WHY IN HELL WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO TRAIN WITH DAN GABLE?!!?!? or Karelin for that matter? Anyone want to add Anton Geesink or Asashoryu to that list of insanity?

Couture trains BJJ. Faber trains BJJ. I'm pretty sure Tito does. So I don't know why you guys mentioned them.

My list:
Vasili Oschepkov
Kyuzo Mifune
B. Saitiev
Isao Okano
I would mention another but not many else deserves to be on that list with these guys.

"Couture trains BJJ....So I don't know why you guys mentioned them."

Randy was already an amazing wrestler on the first day he ever tried BJJ; you could learn a lot from a guy like him. I learned armdrags, slide bys, throw bys, duck unders and shoots from Randy when Burton Richardson used to bring him out and it opened my eyes to the power and beauty of wrestling. It also revolutionized my grappling.

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I cant remember where i saw it i think it was in a documntary or interview

where they were explaing why saku was so good on the ground

and i defo remember the word traitor being used
cause the guy wasnt telling the gracies that he was training saku.

Right. He was taking private lessons night and day which somehow allowed him to develop a style of ground attack COMPLETELY different than anything we see from any other BJJ grappler out there.

Anyone who's grappled before can see that he moves with a different style than what we are used to seeing since we saw him fight in the UFC.

night and day over a period of two weeks

de braco - night and day over a period of two weeks

Shit, two weeks day and night. You could be Brown belt in that much time!

Drunken giberish edit

Saku trained catch which had kimuras, knee bars, armbars, etc. He never was a guard player. His coach was Billy Robinson. Unfortunately the good catch wrestlers died out before we could see Catch vs BJJ however in MMA saku proved the efficiency of the "double wristlock" aka kimura taught by Billy and the importance of wrestling in grappling/mma.

 I also read that Sak trained with Penha for a good while prior to his Royce fight... This was years ago, don't know if it was true..but seems others heard it too from interviews... And I doubt Sak would even bother bringing in Penha if for only two Definitely longer than that.

It was Penha who said he had worked out with Sak 2 weeks.Later Saku mentioned the same