Name a fight tht you wanna see a Part 4 ! ! !

My vote = Sylvia / Arlovski 4

Rocky vs. Apollo Creed 4

IRANmymouthagain - Rocky vs. Apollo Creed 4

Didn't Rocky win the third "exhibition" at the end of rocky 3 ? That means Rocky is 2-1

 Not really many.

I'd probably watch Rampage/Wanderlei 4 depending on how the 3rd one goes.

or Fedor/Nogueira, I'd watch them fight a million times

Aoki/Hansen is a style clash and skill level I could definitely watch 2 more fights of.

GSP vs Hughes4 ,just for shits and giggles

Tito vs Ken 4!Never gets old!


Wait...there were only two of those. FAIL.

sakuraba/wand4 is on par with tito/ken4